Sir Lancelot Du Lake

Sir Lancelot Du Lake Sir Lancelot du Lake Sir Lancelot du Lake was quite possibly the bravest and most gallant knight in the world. His battles were pretty much lopsided, due to his extreme skill. He was King Arthur’s best knight. He was very adventurous and prone to getting into trouble, which he always came out of without a scratch. Why was Lancelot honored so? In the last four paragraphs, I will try to explain this to my best ability.

Why did I say he was Arthur’s best knight? Sir Lancelot was sworn to protect Guenevere, King Arthur’s wife. At no time at all was he ever over come, except by either treason or enchantment. His belief in himself was strong enough that he wouldn’t let anyone but the king push him around. Those that tried to do the pushing usually wound up with their blood on Lancelot’s sword. Another reason he was the best knight at the Table Round, was because he upheld the ideals of chivalry and the heroic tradition. He believed in being noble, and just.

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As I said, Lancelot was very adventurous, and never turned down an endeavor. While out one day, he took a nap, and woke to find his friend gone, and four queens looking upon him. This is one of the few times Lancelot did something against his will, and he did it only by enchantment. He was set free by King Bagdemagus’ daughter, on a deal that he would help the King win the upcoming tournament. He helped win the tournament by killing alot of knights, or simply defeating them in battle.

By doing this, he earned his freedom. There are many reason’s why Lancelot was honored the way he was. Lancelot fought for King Arthur, til his banishment for his acts with the Queen. He remained loyal to Arthur, and came back, when Arthur was on his deathbed. He delievered Excaliber back to the lake from which it came, and conveyed a message of forgiveness and love to Guenevere, from Arthur. Lancelot was defeated in battle only by Arthur, and only once, for they only fought once.

His name was known to everyone, as the best knight in all the land. Lancelot had proven himself worthy of his title of the bravest and most noble knight around, many times, and probably did, long after the stories had ended, if they are true. Lancelot has always been my favorite knight, since whatever year we did King Arthur in grade school. The topics I have gone over are as truthful as I can make them, and I hope they get me a good grade. As I hope the points I have expended upon further support my topic, I know that everyone knows Lancelot, wether they heard it from a cartoon, an English book, or a movie, and that everyone knows what a great and fearless knight he was.