Simply Put Math Like This Song: Chorus I never knew there was a Math like this before Never had someone to show me math Math like this before Verse 1 Im glad that Petro showed me How to graph equations so I can see That finding rational zeros can be easy Polynomials were such a boo hoo Until Petro showed me how to Using the rational root theorem was what I had to do And thats why I say Chorus Verse 2 The leading coefficient is An The number with the highest exponent Aos the number with no variable yeah, yeah (2x) Factors of Ao are all in P Those of An are in q you see + or p over q are possible zeros So now I hope you understand Chorus Hatch match ch.4 vocabulary Match the vocabulary terms in Column A to their correct definitions in Column B. Column a column b Root A. an inequality of the form Y >ax + bx +c Complex number B. any number that can be Written in the form in the Form a+bi Degree C. a solution of the equation P(x)=0 Polynomial equation D. a shortcut for dividing a Polynomial by a binomial Zero E. the variable with the Greatest exponent Quadratic inequality F.

a value of x for which f(x)=0 Synthetic division G. a polynomial that is set equal to zero Discriminant H. the express under the radical sign in the quadratic formula Who am I ? Write the proper term to the following descriptions in the space provided. Im the formula x = -b + b 4ac / 2a, that gives the roots of the quadratic equation of the form ax + bx +c , with a = 0. Dont you know me by now ? Im none other than the My name seems a lot more complicated than I really am.

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I provide a means for dramatically lowering the number of rational values that you might test to find rational roots of a polynomial equation with integral coefficients. My formula is + or P over q. Im the notorious I am in the family of complex numbers. That is , combined with my sibling , Real numbers. I can often be the root of a polynomial function.

My definition is the form of a + bi where b is not equal to zero and the imaginary unit is i. Im simply an Im in the quadratic formula . Actually, Im the expression under the radical sign expressed as b 4ac. I am the , the one who tells the nature of the roots of the quadratic equation. MR.

RADIAN There you go again , Mr. Radian! Constantly making my head spin! Always making me switch from degrees just for you to your best, Then almost always making me fail a test! There you go again , Mr. Radian! When Im using you, I dont seem to win! Whats the sine of 90 ?, you consistently ask ! Maybe its because you know Ill barely pass! There you go again , Mr. Radian! You really make it hard for me to contend! The tangent of 180 is 0!, you say But thats okay because Im gonna beat you today!! Here I come again , Mr. Radian! To quit now would be a sin! So Ill try and try , getting help from my friend Until I have My VICTORY in the end!!!! Trig Is Your Life! Find the hidden terms in the puzzle. SMLANOITARZKAP FZEROGPHOJLMQI CDWLCTDSEAITUP ERIVXLYFNMCBOT NTBSJZSIAI JLHN TEKOCTMGTZYDUE RNGZHRICVNRANM AIWPENIOOPOIEG LSMTAUTMIXOBOS AOORXNIPIKTJFS NCYSJATLWNZCPX GVDKLQRELEAKGL LBXCUSOXBNINQB EWNAIDARUIZLTZ ZSECTORVYSXDRO COMPLEX RADIAN DISCRIMINANT COSINE IMAGINARY COTERMINAL POLYNOMIAL CENRAL ANGLE RATIONAL SECTOR ROOT SEGMENT ZERO ANGLE MANGLE TANGLE Match the congruent values. Hatch match ch.

5 vocabulary Match the vocabulary terms in Column A to their correct definitions in Column B. Column A column b Radian A. the triangular law expressed as a=b+c-2ab cos B Angle of Depression B. the triangular law expressed as A / sin a=b / sin b= c / sin c Linear Velocity C. distance traveled per unit time Law of Cosines D.

the change in the central angle with respect to time as an object moves along a circular Law of Sines path Central Angle E. the angle between a horizontal line and the line of sight from the observer to an Coterminal Angles object at a lower level Angular Velocity F. two angles in standard positions that have the same terminal side G. the measure of a central angle whose sides intercept an arc that is the same length as the radius of the center H. an angle whose vertex lies at the center of a circle Mines Of Sines Make your way through the Sine Mines to Petros Classroom, going only through sines that equal either 1 or 0.

Table of contents Math Like This Mr. Radian Trig Is Your Life! Angle Mangle Tangle Mines Of Sines Hatch Match Chapter 4 Hatch Match Chapter 5 Who Am I ? Corrected Quiz Problems: Chapter 4, Quiz B Answer keys Corrected problems: Chapter 4, Quiz B Problems 1 & 3.