Silas Marner

In the book Silas Marner, written by George Elliot, many important themes are presented. It deals with things such as greed, prejudice, superstition, love, isolation and others. All the characters have different traits and all fit in to these themes. Prejudice is the most prevalent theme, in this book. All of the people in Ravelo were extremely prejudice against outsiders. Here are three characters that were victims of prejudice.
First, theres Slilas Marner, an old miser. His only joy in life is to sit at home and count his money. He moved to a town called Ravelo from his hometown of Lantern Yard. He was forced to do so because the people of Lantern Yard falsely accused him of a crime. When Silas arrived in Ravelo, the people looked at him as if he was inhuman. Silas suffered from epileptic fits. Also he liked to stay indoors and count his money. The towns people thought that these were signs that he consorted with the devil. When Silas money was stolen one night, he went to the Rainbow, a neighborhood hang out, to report the crime. After that episode, the towns people started to come around a little and began to talk with Silas on occasion. Dolly Winthrop was one of these people, and actually became good friends with Silas. When Eppie came along to Silas, people didnt think he would be a suitable parent. Dolly stood up for Silas and said that he would make a fine parent. Just because Silas was a little eccentric, people looked down upon him as though he was not good enough for them to be around.
Then there was Molly. She was Godfrey Cass wife. She was to be kept secret from everyone, especially Squire Cass. If he ever found out that Godfrey had been married to her all along he would disown him. Molly was addicted to opium; therefore she was not worthy enough to be married to Godfrey Cass the good son. Molly had a daughter by Godfrey, who was also to be kept a secret. When molly overdosed on New Years Eve, the baby fell out of he arms and wandered in to Silas house. The light drew her in. When he later found her sitting by the hearth of the fire, he decided that he would keep her and name her Eppie after his sister.
Finally theres the peddler who was accused of stealing Silas money. The people thought he was strange because he had different color skin then all of them. He was an African American. Also he had an earring. Well, they were not exactly sure if he did or not, but they said if he sold them then he probably wore them. Some of the towns people said he had an evil look upon him. The peddler said that he always carried a tinderbox. When one was found outside Silas door, they all supposed that it was the peddlers. They falsely accused him because of what he looked like.
All of these examples show that prejudice existed through out the town of Ravelo. People were rejected only because of the mere fact that they were outsiders. They were even accused of committing crimes because they were different. The towns people who thought them selves better shunned Silas, Molly, and the peddler. Therefore, being an outsider means that you will have a difficult time being excepted.
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