Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was born may 6, 1856. He was the first of six children he also had two older half brothers from his fathers previous marriage. This was his father’s second marriage and in this one he was much older than his wife was about twenty years older than he was.

When Sigmund was just 4 years old his family moved to Vienna, it was a tough childhood for Sigmund growing up in a large Jewish family with not to much income it was a struggle for everyone in the family. He was nicknamed the golden child at one point in his childhood and the meant he was to achieve great success, from that point on his family did everything they could to give Freud a chance to succeed. Freud excelled at his studies at an early age, earning top marks in all of his classes. He excelled in everything but especially languages he could speak five languages at a young age. Freud was so dedicated to his work sometimes he would have meals sent to his room just so he could study.To prove how much his parents did for him the golden child a younger sibling was learning to play piano but Freud complained about the noise so they had the piano removed from the house.

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Like most geniuses Freud had a hobby that he was very passionate about he used to keep a record of all his dreams in a logbook and he would read them over and analyse them.At the tender age of 18 Freud entered medical school, he studied a lot of things including fish and seals. He graduated from medical school with top marks in his class.Eager to become successful and support his now wife to be Martha who was 20 and he was 25 he looked for a bold new experiment. He found that in cocaine he did several experiments and even wrote a book on cocaine he was a propionate recommending it to everyone.

Sadly it was not him but his partner who made it successful using cocaine as an anesthetic for laser eye surgery. Crushed by this Freud took up a job an internship at the hospital studying hysteria.As he got more and more into hysteria he studied with a man named Jean Martin Charco and they talked about the theory of the unconscious mind. When he got back from studying with this great French doctor Freud decided to open his own hospital focusing on the unconscious mind. Taking a page out of Joseph Broyer book Freud utilized a method called the talking cure, in which Freud talked with his patients about there childhood, their dreams, their sex life and their life in general. Freud found that using hypnotisation and the talking cure he could get rid of almost anyone’s hysteria.Freud often used analysis on patient to determine their problem, but Freud used self-analysis on himself to determine the problems that he was having. He was addicted to cigars had a rotten sex life, had travel phobia and his father had just died.

Freud at night after every patient had left would try it on himself he found that although he was not able to rid himself of everything he got rid of his travel phobia and traveled to Rome for his first time ever.Freud also develop the edifice complex also known as penis envy in which your very first sexual thoughts are about your mom and you have a hatred for your dad and fantasy about killing him.Freud regards his most important work as the theory of dreams where he looked in depth and why we dream and what it symbolizes and how it influences us. Freud’s goal was to develop psychoanalysis throughout the world and he was very critical of those who did not agree with him.Before World War 2 broke out Freud immigrated to England where he died from cancer of the mouth at age 82.

Sigmund freud

Sigmund Freud’s LifePsychoanalysis, method of treating mental illness, was Sigmund Freud’s most recognized work. In 1938, Freud was eighty-two years old and was forced to flee to London because he was Jewish. He died the following year with many accomplishments and went through plenty of hardships in his life time.

That’s why Sigmund Freud has influenced American politically, socially, and ideology because he changed the country’s perception on how people think, dream, and the things they do.Sigmund Freud was born on May 6th, 1856 in Frieberg, Moravia. Which is present day Czech Republic. Sigmund Freud was the son of Jacob and Amalia Freud. Sigmund’s family was Jewish, the population of Frieberg was one hundred and thirty Jews, out of four thousand and five hundred ,and the rest were Catholic. During this time period Jewish people had to move to different countries because they were persecuted or had legal restrictions, banishments or slaughtered. That’s when the Freud’s moved to Tysmenite.

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This was popular for Jews and it was the center to Jewish learning and scholarships. Sigmund had two half brothers from his fathers first marriage. Then Sigmund Freud’s parents had another son and named after Amalia brother. The baby died the same way her brother did.

After that she zoned away and didn’t take care of Sigmund. They hired a maid to take care of things. A couple years later, Jacob and Amalia started to have kids again. They had five daughters and another son. Little bit after that Sigmund’s father’s business collapsed and things started to fall downhill for the family.

Sigmund Freud did outstanding in school, he received his medical degree from University in 1881. Before he became interested in the medical field, he wanted to study natural science and to solve challenging problems concerning scientists. Sigmund Freud was influenced by many people. Right after Sigmund finished school, he changed his career to a psychiatrists.

Between 1885 and 1886 he went to work in a clinic in Paris with Jean Charcot. Then later in 1886 opened a private practice in Vienna. He devoted half an hour everyday to self-analysis. His psychiatric expanded when he became a professor at Vienna University. Sigmund’s first book was published in 1895, Studies in Hysteria, the co-author was Josef Breur. The next ten years of Sigmund’s life he was working with Josef Breur. In 1908, was the first international Psychoanalytic Congress developed. Sigmund was the president and the meetings were held at Salzburg.

Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts wanted Sigmund Freud to come and get lectures to classes in 1909. Freud has published one hundred and fifty books and five journals in twenty years of his life. In 1930, Sigmund Freud won Goethe Prize for excellence in Prose style. Sigmund Freud’s book Interpretation of Dreams was published in 1900 and it was the most known out of all his books. This book enhanced his reputation.

Wilhelm Stekel, general medical practitioner, wrote a favorable review in Viennese Newspaper in 1902 about Interpretation of Dreams. Between all this Sigmund Freud got married had six kids and developed cancer in his jaw. He had thirty different operations before he died.Even though a lot of people thought that Sigmund Freud came up with some wacky thoughts, some of them were actually decent.

For example, saying dreams reveal something important about the dreamer. Also, people in the early 1900’s thought that dreams didn’t mean anything but refused notions. Sigmund proved that dreams are personal and purposeful. Sources are also found in childhood repressed experiences. These could be traced to unsolved conflicts from children problematic relations with parents. Psychoanalysis is conceiving the conscious coping/adapting part of the mind with another part. Sigmund believes that the mind is a battlefield between past/present, impulse/ inhibition, and the unconscious/ consciousness. Also the cure for mental illness was to cover the unconscious to light.

Sigmund Freud has made a big difference in psyche. He advanced the study of the mind and how it works. It made people aware of how influential our relationships with others are. He destroyed the rigid divisions between sick/healthy, conscious/unconscious, will/accident, psychology/psychiatry, and philosophy/medicine.

What Sigmund Freud thought just didn’t effect the medicine profession, it effected everything around also. The medical professions grew larger because of him. He changed the way society thought about and dealt with mental illness. People had a thin line between insane and sane and he changed that.

His biggest influence was Jean-Martin Charcot. People thought mental illness was organic. Mental Illness affected a large proportion of the population.

He made the line between insane and sane blurred. Anyone can have a mental illness because of inner conflicts and childhood traumas. Psychoanalysis impacted the practice of psychiatry by medical, academic, and governmental sources. People saw a new way of thinking about why people act the way they do. He showed a new way of interpreting behaviors, motives, desires, and beliefs buried in unconscious that controlled and motivated their conscious thoughts and behavior.

Sigmund Freud shaped the 20th century cultural production. He changed writers and artists work because of the brain. Back in the day the only thing that society was concerned about was perfection. If one person was different from everyone else, they would be seen as an outcast to society as if something was wrong with them. Sigmund Freud changed that with all the research and studies he did in different fields with different doctors.


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