Should juveniles be treated as criminals or adults

A Juvenile is a person who is not fully matured yet; the word juvenile means physiologically immature or undeveloped (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In this paper I will explain to you as to why I believe that juveniles should be treated like adults in all cases in our judicial system. I believe young people are fully aware of their surroundings and what they are doing. In the eyes of the court a juvenile is in thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia, those under age 18 charged with a law violation are considered juveniles. In ten states the upper limit for original juvenile court jurisdiction is age 16, and in three states, the upper limit is 15.

Our society has many problems involving crimes, from vandalism to petty theft crimes, to murder to rape, all are also done by juveniles and some just get a slap on the wrist. I think if we start little, like trialing juveniles as adults, we can make it better little by little. Social problems exist everywhere in a modern society. A social problem is a condition or pattern of behavior that people are concerned about and would like to change. Juvenile crimes affect the United States every day. They affect us as a society by filling up court rooms and spending extra tax money on special facilities to hold young adults, when all criminals should be held together.
Juveniles get a way with too much is should matter you race age or religion all crimaals should be treated the same no matter what the situation ares. Its riduculous what some kids do and get away with the crimes.. its time for juveniles to grow up and that time is nowWords
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