Short questions:

[Chapter 8]
1. Provide 5 key ways that guys and girls differ sexually.

a. Women have to learn how to reach orgasm, but men do not.

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b. Females tend to have a cyclical increase in sexual desire
related to their menstrual cycle.

c. Women tend to surround sexual fantasies with more romantic
images then men do.

d. Males generally are aroused more easily and directly than women
by visual stimuli or mental imagery caused by pictures of nude
women and pornography.

e. The male’s sexual drive is the most strong when he is in his
teens and twenties. The females sexual drive is the most strong
when she is between 30 and 40 years old.

f. Women’s masturbation rates climb slowly over her life span,
whereas the men’s rates are highest early in their lives.

g. Young girls develop and interest in sex earlier than boys.

2. How (or how aren’t) the following true sexual aphrodisiacs: Viagra,
alcohol, marijuana, LSD, cocaine?
a. Viagra can help a man become erect. Viagra is not a true
aphrodisiac because it will not work in the absence of desire.

b. Alcohol is a true aphrodisiac because it provokes the desire;
however, it also takes away the performance.

c. Marijuana is a true aphrodisiac; however, it is a failure in
that it appears to have neither a positive or a negative effect
on sexual desire. It causes some sense distortion that probably
increases sexual sensitivity.

d. LSD help the male maintain a prolonged erection, but the long-
term use destroys general health as well as sex drive.

e. Cocaine will make the walls in a women’s vagina become dry. This
in turn makes prolonged intercourse uncomfortable. In a man
cocaine seems to prolong a man’s erection. Using cocaine on a
regular basis usually leads to sexual disinterest.

3. What key (3) factors have played a role in the resurgence of STDs?
Briefly discuss 4 STDs.

a. When the pill became popular, the use of the condom decreased.

b. Antibiotics have caused people to care less about getting an STD
because they figure an antibiotic can “cure” it.

c. The increased sexual activity among young people and the
increases number of sexual partners.

d. Genital warts are caused by a virus and it is observable in the
genital areas. It can be removed by freezing or ointment.

e. Chlamydia is cause by bacteria. Most obvious characteristics
include early morning water discharge and hot or itchy feelings
(always in men, sometimes in women.) If the Chlamydia is
untreated pelvic inflammatory disease can occur leading to

f. Genital herpes is caused by a virus. Characteristics include
blisters in the genital area that are very persistent. The only
treatments are pain-relieving ointments.

g. AIDS is an incurable STD that people usually die from because it
severely weakens the immune system. It can take up to 5-15 years
to discover.

[Chapter 10]
4. The transition to parenthood involves what 5 costs to parents? State
and briefly discuss.

5. Concerning TV, select and state the 3 most important conclusions (of
the 6) reached by Anderson and Collins. As for rules, after reading
the ones stated on p. 331, come up with 2 or more of your own.

6. List 5 (of 7) high risk behaviors in parents that may result in
sociopathic children. Which one of these do you feel most susceptible
to be tripped-up by, when you are a parent?
[Chapter 11]
7. In what 6 ways can a family handle monetary decisions? Select the 2
you feel are best and support your answer.

8. What are the 5 major considerations to take into account before you
buy a home?
9. Economic slumps occur. To protect yourself against such times, what 4
things should you do? Then briefly state the kinds of insurance that
are needed in your future family.

Long Questions
[Chapter 8]
1. Discuss how sex is affected by the aging process (pp. 248-50). How do
you intend to “keep it alive” when you’re a geezer? For yourself. For
your partner.

a. As a man gets older, it takes a longer time for him to achieve a
full erection, he may notice a reduction in expulsive presser,
the volume of semen is reduced, and it is harder for a man to
ejaculate. The older woman produces less lubricating fluid and
at a slower rate.

b. When I am older, I intend to do three things to keep my sex life
with my partner alive. First, I intend to keep myself in good
health, and make sure my partner is too. Second, I intend to
make sure that my sexual partner and I are both interested.

Third, I will try to have sex on a regular basis to keep the
sexual organs active.

[Chapter 10]
2. Discuss (or chart) the “mild-to-strong child-control methods,” along
with the accompanying rules for each (p. 335). Which method most
corresponds to the way you were raised; and, which methods are you
most likely to employ on your children and why?
[Chapter 11]
3. What are 5 (of the 7 in text) ways you know you’re headed down the
economic road to insolvency (bankruptcy)? How do you plan to take a
detour and avoid such a traumatic and unwise direction? (p. 363) How
are you cultivating such patterns in your life today?