Sherman Williams

Word Count: 287Sherman was on of
the greatest Union commanders in the Civil War. He was a
graduate from West Point in 1840. Sherman’s first action in
the Civil War happened when he led a brigade at the First
Bull Run in July of 1861. After that he was given command
of the Union forces assigned to hold Kentucky in the
Union. When he was there in late 1861 he suffered form a
mild nervous breakdown from all the pressure he was
getting from Washington and the press. After he recovered
form the nervous breakdown he was assigned to Ulysses
Grant’s command and got his own units to lead at Shiloh in
1862, Vicksburg in 1863, and Chattanooga in 1863. When
Ulysses Grant left to take command of the Federal Forces,
Sherman took control of the operations in the west. By
September of 1864 he took control of Atlanta in one of the
Civil War’s most important battles. After Atlanta Sherman
went on to his famous March to the Sea. He led 62,000
men through Georgia causing a mass of destruction. After
that in February of 1865 Sherman headed north through
the Carolinas. By April of 1865 he forced the surrender of
the last major Confederate forces. The last battle was
fought at Bentonville, N.C. on March 19-21. When
General Lee surrendered to Grant in Virginia on April 9th,
Johnston’s position was going down the drain. Sherman
accepted his surrender near Durham, N.C., on April 26th.

Latter though Sherman would be criticized for how
generous he was with the terms of the surrender. After the
war Sherman commanded the Mississippi form 1865 to
1869. He would then be promoted to lieutenant general in
1866 and to full general in 1869. After Grant was elected
president in 1869 Sherman became general chief of the
army. People would latter want to make Sherman was a
president candidate but he would never accept.

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