Shared Roles In Todays Society

Shared Roles in Today’s Society Shared Roles in Today’s Society Have you ever heard anybody refer his or her “better half”? In today’s society, it works both ways. People can either refer to their wife or their husband as the better half. It’s obvious; families can not be run by just one person. As shown in Henrick Ibsen’s play, Ghosts , written in the nineteenth century, duties of the husband are shared with the wife then, as they are now. By sharing important obligations, successful and loving families will shine through.

There are many duties to be fulfilled among families. One of them is a career. Who makes the money to support your family.. not just the husband, but also the wife. Today, more and more mothers and single mothers are getting out into the work field.

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Women need that paycheck to pay the bills of the family just as much as the father does. Job issues are major duties and women have proved they are capable of handling their jobs as well as men can. Men must respect that their own wives have careers, and also other wives who possibly work with them. As women go out to work everyday, whose duty will it become to stay home and watch the children? The father’s duty, of course! It is now usual for the husband to cook meals, clean the house, and even shop for the children. If husbands believe that it is women’s work to do all of these duties, they are mistaken. The acceptance in society and security of the husband’s duty of staying at home is as much of a duty of the husband, as that of the wife.

There are certain duties of the husband and wife that do not necessarily involve their children or their jobs, but must be fulfilled by both. These are marital duties and obligations. The husband is expected to respect his wife at all costs. Husbands should not even think about having affairs with other women. They should be trusted, and also be there for moral support. These marital obligations are important for both the husband and wife to perform.

No matter what, all of these duties are expected; no ifs, ands, or buts. All of these important duties help to keep a family together. There usually is not a “better half” as often referred to, but it all comes down to who performs their duties in the most fair way throughout your family for common goals. Duties such as who will have a career, who will do the dishes, and who does the taxes in each household does not matter in today’s society! It is working together and sharing within which makes a family stronger.