Shakespearean Comedy

.. s, sour and unhappy person. The greenworld is also used in this play but not for festive activities. It is used for plotting bad things that will hurt people.

After Claudio is led to believe Hero was cheating on him, he becomes malicious and wants revenge.Claudio disgraces Hero at the wedding. He refuses to marry her in front of all the guests and accuses her of already having sex with someone else. This serious act of revenge causes the audience to feel sorry for not only Hero, but her family as well because we know that was not her kissing Borachio. The audience may have felt worse for Hero if her character had been more fully developed but she hardly ever spoke even when agreeing to marry Claudio.

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We can feel sorry for her but not really identify with her because we do not know her very well.Hero is made a spectacle of for no truthful reason and disgraces her family. After Hero faints at the wedding, Beatrice is furious. She wants revenge against Claudio. Finally she and Benedick declare their love for each other which was made possible by being under tension and emotional stress and she was finally able to let down her guard.

She feels out of control because she needs a man to kill Claudio.She is usually able to take care of things herself but not this time. Thankfully Benedick will not kill Claudio and the truth comes out because of Dogberry and Verges. When the night watchmen overhear Borachio talking about the scheme Dogberry and Verges bring him and his comrade to their superior. It is funny this watchmen could catch anyone doing anything wrong. The watchmen are like Bottom and are comical. They have the same problem as Bottom and have great difficulty communicating.

After the truth is out that Claudio was fooled into thinking that Hero was cheating on him, he is full of grief because he believes Hero is dead. He agrees to marry Leonato’s niece, who is supposed to look just like Hero, to make up his terrible mistake to he family. After he marries the masked bride, he is happy to see it is Hero. This certainly is a marriage of convenience.

He did not know Hero anyway so it would not have mattered if he knew the bride to be.In a sense, Hero was resurrected from the dead and Claudio ends up being a very lucky guy. Most of the characters are fully developed, except Hero, so we can identify with their grief and then their joy. As the play comes to an end everything is wrapped in a neat package. Don John is captured and brought back to be punished, Claudio and Hero, and Beatrice and Benedick are married and the dance and the feast begin.

Measure for Measure is a play that is very different from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The comedy in this play is very raw.The atmosphere of the two plays are different but they both deal with the same issue of sexuality.

After the Duke has left the city in Angelo’s hands, he wants to show his power by condemning Claudio to death because he got Juliet pregnant. Angelo is not being reasonable because he has let the power go to his head. Angelo has also had sex out of wedlock, he just did not get Mariana pregnant. In this play sex is portrayed as much more dangerous than it has been in the other two plays.After Claudio is jailed, he makes a plea to his sister, Isabella , to help him obtain a pardon for his offense. Isabella had not yet taken her vows to become a nun so she agrees to help him.

Isabella and Angelo are parallel characters. Both live with great restraint. After Isabella pleads with Angelo to pardon her brother, he comes up with the idea of an exchange for Claudio’s freedom.He wants Isabella to sleep with him so he could have her virginity and then he would pardon Claudio. Angelo is a very cold person with no feelings and has restrained himself tremendously throughout his life. He has a problem with women and he is tempted more by a virtuous woman than a frivolous one. In a soliloquy, he talks to himself and tries to understand his lust for Isabella.

He has a violent image of sex with her because he wants to destroy her virtue.Angelo is very cruel. He is going to torture and kill Claudio and he is getting pleasure by controlling Isabella. this play is dealing with power and who has the most. After the Duke, disguised as the Friar, over hears Isabella telling Claudio she will not sleep with Angelo, he comes up with a plan. Isabella would agree to meet Angelo at midnight and they would send Mariana instead because the two of them were supposed to have been married before but her dowry was lost at sea and Angelo had backed out on the marriage. The plan works but Angelo goes back on his word and orders Claudio’s head delivered to him at once.

The Friar helps keep Claudio in hiding so everyone would think he was dead. The Friar then returns as the Duke and Angelo’s world begins to unravel. He is publicly exposed so everyone will know what king of a person he is. He has been tricked into marriage and is now a very miserable person.

Although he had the ultimate power for a brief time, heabused it and now has to suffer the consequences for a lifetime.After Claudio is produces and allowed to marry Juliet, the Duke asks for Isabella’s hand in marriage. The satire in this play looks at the two extremes and the audience tries to believe something in the middle. The language used in this play is crude when they are discussing sex. The men in the city talk about sex in a nasty ways discussing how many diseases they have gotten from the hoars. Sex is portrayed as a vile and nasty thing.

Measure for Measure is visually unlike other plays. There is insistence on laws that are very extreme. People are being measured in judgement. It shows that you should be reasonable and weigh things out before actions are taken. These three plays all have different messages which are told in various ways. As a writer, Shakespeare was so talented he could write different types of stories with such grace. These three plays are just a few examples of the different extremes he was capable of.

Writing and defining comedy can be very difficult. Many elements of comedy are in his plays and this makes they very enjoyable reading. Comedy helps me to identify with stories since I like happy endings much better than tragic endings. After finishing a book, I like to have a feeling of closure and in these comedies my need is fulfilled.