Sexually Transmited Disease

Sexually Transmited Disease The world today has slowly come to a very scary time.

We have been plagued with a number of diseases, which can be acquired with the greatest of ease. As immune as one may think they are to the sexually transmitted diseases, there is nothing one can do or pay for that would take away what could end up being a part of ones life forever. It is true that some may have a cure, but what one will go through in the mean time is never worth it. Regardless, the most severe of the diseases are incurable. Ignorance has an incredible power over people when it comes to this topic, and for this reason STD’s are spreading uncontrollably.These diseases exist in three different forms, Viral, Bacterial, and Parasitic.

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Even though many different diseases exist within these three forms, three will be spoken about; Hepatitis, a viral disease, Chlamydia, a bacterial disease, and Pubic lice, a parasitic disease. Among the Viral sexually transmitted diseases there exist some of the worst. HIV (AIDS), all types of Herpes, Genital Warts, and all types of Hepatitis. Viral STD’s are with one for life there exist no cures.

Hepatitis exists in five forms, A,B,C, D, and E. Hepatitis A and E are spread by contaminated drinking water or food contaminated by feces. Hepatitis B,C, and D can be transmitted through blood transfusion, sharing contaminated needles, or sexually, especially Hepatitis B Medicine Essays.