Sexual Harrasment

Sexual Harrasment The issue that I have chosen to research for the policy and procedures team is sexual harassment in the workplace. The present policy contained in the associate handbook states the following: Sexual harassment can take many forms. It includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature when a person’s employment with Sears depends on submission to the conduct; submission to or rejection of the conduct affects employment decisions concerning the person; or such conduct unreasonably interface with a person’s work performance or create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Also, we have a brochure about this issue in the break room. Yearly, there is a focus meeting with every associate to remind them how the company prohibits all forms of sexual harassment.

The following paragraphs will discuss the research I found that was missing in our company and information on how to inform our associates about sexual harassment. Sexual harassment, like rape, is not primarily a sexual event. It is an exercise in POWER over another person. The offender achieves a form of dominance by making sexual advances or comments to someone who is not in a positions to respond effectively. The result is often a host of psychological and even physical problem for the target. The federal judges arrived at their decision in two ways.

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The first way that if an employer made an employees life so miserable that the employee could not take it any longer and quit. The second way states Title VII says employers cannot discriminate with respect to the “conditions” of employment. The company’s definition of sexual harassment is similar to the one that I found in my research on this issue. The area that our company may want to look into is how an associate can prevent sexual harassment. Some of the key points are: how you dress, don’t do social service tasks, and avoid “courtship behavior.” The area of dressing to go to work may cause sexual harassment if the associate does not watch what they are wearing, associates should dress appropriately for the office.

The next area is concerned with social service tasks such as getting the person lunch or any non work related activity. This will cause “you owe me on” and may lead to other things. The last area pertains to avoiding “courtship behavior,” which is non verbal communication. People may take this the wrong way and the results can lead to comments or actions that would interrupt the work place. These points can be related back to the associate during the focus meeting.

The last area the policy and procedures team can look at is how the management can improve the way they handle sexual harassment in the work place. Luckily, this company hasn’t had to make many reports. Some points to cover are: to keep work quality high, get respect for the associate and keep a diary of sexual harassment reports. Keeping the work quality relates to having the associate do their work and not having the time to do other things which can keep someone from reporting a sexual harassment case. This can lead the associate to a more comfortable feeling and continue their communications with management about things that are happening in the work place.

The diary idea is a good one because it is the first step in establishing the sexual harassment case. The research that I found on sexual harassment will help with any revisions the company may make on policies of this subject. My suggestion is to give more information during the focus meetings such as how to prevent sexual harassment in the work place. Also, to train the management team how to handle a sexual harassment case when it occurs. Business Essays.

Sexual harrasment

Men, Women and Sexual Harassment
Is this really what this world has come to mistaking a friendly
co-worker for
sexual harassment? Women who are starving for attention often
sexual harassment issues. It could be understood if this harassing
results in “quid pro quo,” a “hostile working environment” or causing a
reduced salary. Essentially “quid pro quo” harassment involves making
conditions of employment (hiring, promotion, retention, etc.)
contingent on
the victims providing sexual favors. As for hostile working
this is when the workplace is permeated with discriminatory
ridicule, and insult, that is sufficiently pervasive to alter the
of the victim’s employment and create an abusive working environment.
But as
for being made so unhappy that they are not able to function well in
job, this is just a personal, psychological problem.

When these employees sue a company, they are out to get two things,
and publicity. Most sexual harassment cases are inaccurate. This
depends on who the person is, ones upbringing and how ethical one is.
Charges can be brought against someone commenting on how a
looks that day. This has just gotten too out of hand. These comments
are made by fellow employees are most likely trying to make the
“victim” feel better about themselves or boost their self esteem. But
instead a man, or a woman for that matter, would be accused of sexual
harassment when they are just being polite and maybe a little
The typical American citizen would disagree entirely.
Many different studies have attempted to investigate the frequency
prevalence of sexual harassment. Surveys provide widely divergent
indicating that anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of women have
experienced some
form of sexual harassment at some point in their lives. This wide range
be due in part to the fact that perceptions of what constitutes sexual
harassment differ among individuals and among men and women. That is,
some people might consider acceptable behavior, others might think of
sexual harassment.
Typical examples of sexual harassment include sexually oriented
jokes, or remarks that are unwelcome, repeated and unwanted sexual
touching or other unwelcome bodily contact, and physical intimidation.
harassment usually makes the receiver feel powerless or demeaned, which
results in negative self-esteem. Sexual harassment is perceived as
and invading and is illegal, as opposed to flirting which leaves one
flattered and in control and results in positive self-esteem. There are
times where these sexual harassment cases become somewhat out of hand
and are
directed either towards the wrong people or unjust incidents.

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By far, men (50-67%) do the majority of sexual harassment. Laws and
guidelines are often written as if sexual harassment is only a male to
thing. Although, two hundred men file sexual harassment charges each
with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. That is about
one-tenth of
the number of cases filed by women.
According to Wall Street Journal, a 1987 survey of federal workers
by the
United States Merit Systems Protection Board found that 42% of the
women and
14% of the men had reported such harassment. In the article “Sexual
Harassment at High Schools” found in San Francisco Chronicle claimed
that 85%
of the girls and 76% of the boys reported some experience of sexual
harassment in school. Note that various categories of harassment are
in most cases girls are only slightly higher than boys are.
According to Shawn Larson in his article, “Sexual Harassment: It’s
The Guy’s Fault” found on the Internet, a survey was conducted at his
college where some of the issues dealt with sexual harassment.
One-third of
the students who said they were sexually harassed were men. Which
makes this
number very surprising is that women made up only one-fifth of the
population. That is one-fifth of the students who were causing
one-third of
the problem (ignoring homosexual harassment). Yet the men were
ignored; a
campaign was initiated on how to stop the harassment of women.
More men will experience sexual harassment over the coming years as
assume more positions of power in corporate America. Continual studies
reports will need to be monitored and researched to establish the full
of sexual harassment of both sexes in the work placeWords
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