Sex Now And Then

Sex Now And Then Sex Now and Then Sex is one of the most heated issues in our society today. Obviously sex has always been here, but in the past people were at least a little more discreet and respectful, and it was much more common for sex to be honored in marriages only. Now, sex education is taught to junior high school students, teachers are giving out condoms, and sex is so far from being sacred that its sad. Slowly it has been revealed to in layer, in such a way that we are no longer surprised that America is one of the leading countries for sex – related problems.

How did it go from sex representing a bond of love between man and wife, to multiple sex partners, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies that are usually unwanted? Who or what is to blame for the obvious decline in our values? Before fingers are pointed, take a look at a few problems we are having today. There is a lack of communication between parents and children, the media is infested with sex, broadcasting it on television and theatres, and even on radios to audiences of all ages, and the thought of any principles being displayed in anyones daily life seems ancient.Everyday new commercials are aired desperately encouraging parents to discuss with their children what is going on in their lives. Most teens faced with the overwhelming decision of sex are unaware of all the consequences it can bring.

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Perhaps the teachers skim over the ugly part of sex, which usually includes the physical diseases and pregnancies, but parents need to re – emphasize these problems and warn their children of the emotional pain that can come with having sex before total commitment, love and trust is in the relationship. Some parents would argue that they do know what is going on their kids lives and that can learn for themselves about sex. I disagree. Too many times parents assume that their children are doing well without their help, and never even ask about how things are going.

Sex is openly discussed just about everywhere, except for the one place it needs to be in the home for helpful answers to problems, and to be cherished in marriages. A parent should be the first place a child can come to just to talk about anything in their lives. Another reason sex is so popular these days is because it is publicized everywhere. I see it on television and theatres, hear it in the music, and eventually end up excited about the idea just like everyone else. There is nothing wrong about being excited, but sex is shamelessly overrated, and as it is, its sending out confusing messages to children who should not even have to deal with such decisions so early in life. Our society portrays sex carelessly, implying that because it is everywhere, than its acceptable and then they expect everyone to think for him or herself.

Thats impossible when some of these kids are young, and still depend on their parents for lunch money and rides to school. Another good myth is that if it feels good then its okay to go ahead and have sex. The truth is usually it does feel good, but that doesnt make it okay all the time and it does not omit anyone from the harmful consequences it can bring such as gross diseases, early pregnancies, and guilt and pain for the rest of your life. Unless things change, a lot of children, teens, and adults will be fooled by the way our media views sex, and the result will be more clueless people messing up their lives in a way that can never be changed.

The last and perhaps most relevant reason for so much sex outside of marriages is the decline of Americas morals and values.Its not uncommon at all for a person to have had sex with four or five people before getting married. Their spouse usually being one of those few, they have already slept with. Nor, does it shock anyone these days to hear about young girls having abortions because they wanted to have sex, but didnt want to deal with the repercussions of it. A while back I would see newspaper headlines about adults dying of AIDS because they didnt realize the huge responsibility that comes with it like being extremely careful with multiple partners, but now I dont see to many of those articles because so few people care about it anymore. When these happenings are so commonplace that people are not even sensitive to seeing them, then our country needs to take a serious look at the principles it was founded on. We have let out morals slip away so nonchalantly that were not even bothered by these things anymore and dont even care if they happen. No wonder sex is everywhere and teenagers are doing it before marriage, because we sit back and allow it, with hardly any prevention whatsoever.

There are so many more reasons premarital sex is so normal now, opposed to 40 years ago; I could go on forever. But, I think the point is clear that we have some serious problems that are not getting attention. I dont see parents fully understanding the depth of their childrens need for help with decisions in life through open communication with one another.

This past years America had multiple shootings at high schools within months of each other and these parents didnt even know the kids had serious problems. Is that what you call lack of communication? The media is very bold about sex, and is only getting stronger as they continue to promote more of it, leaving people more confused about whats right for them.It is beginning to chip away at our basic values and thats why more people are choosing to have sex before marriage then any other time in the past. Today, nobody thinks its that wrong anymore.