Seducing The French

Seducing The French Charles Law As I sit outside my favorite caf, drinking wine as the sun slowly dies off into the twilight of dusk, I hear the most obnoxious noise. It is a few teenagers trying to speak their best English. I watch them for a few minutes, and I am disgusted. If these children represent the future, I weep. I see a whole generation with no direction, no true love of their beautiful country, no nationalism in them. Instead they wear blue jeans, and drink that despicable liquid called Coca-Cola.

These younger generations are imitating a society across an ocean. I see restaurants grilling up American cuisines and California wines. Youths are wearing American brand clothing, and traveling to America to tour their commercialism empire. Why are they doing this? Simple, Americanization. Americanization is happening all around us, not just to our children who are emptying into the streets speaking with their best James Dean. American thought has crept into our very lives with everything we do; our day to day routine is now being controlled by American ideals. Every French citizen is falling into the clutches of consumerism and conformity.

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We are turning into a trinket society, worshipping of a mammon, and witnessing to the death of our beloved culture. I shed a tear to think we are turning into a materialistic society like that of America where as whose society is dynamic and derived from consumer-driven economic growth. In falling into consumerism we are generating an endless increase of desires that can not b satisfied by the means that which we live in France. This lifestyle alienates the consumer to form bondage around them; it does not free them. The society in America is of destruction, not to be to be idolized.

The waste of their mass consumption not only drains their national resources but those of deprived countries as well. Our on consumption does not stop with the cafs or the stores where we buy our food, but goes deeper into our society. American business has taken away our identity buying trying to get onto our economy and setting the standard for us. America is crawling into our society not only by food and movies but also through our economy, and businesses. Look at Frigidaire, Remington Rand-France and Simca, all three of them are foreign owned, or actually U.S. owned and two of them received massive layoffs, without notice, with no help in finding another job. We need to curb this foreign investment of French businesses and economy, it is our economy, let us control it.

We should be weary of American investors, they are so big and overwhelming to our homeland producers competition is impossible. As America comes into France and takes over the manufacturing industry they are helping our economic growth. The size of these companies are so enormous that their ability to sustain economic depression is in not question. The question should be, with Americas ability to produce money and buy each other out buy ruthless takeovers acquiring 51% of their stock, what happens when companies get bought out? Then what, as we have learned from past American companies, lay-offs happen without a thought to the employee. We are not looking to get rid of foreigners, or what they bring to the table, what I think we should look to do is control.

I believe that we need to regulate and control the availability of investments to Americans. It is in Americas best interest to take over French industry, and control its industry. They are afraid of us as a super power. They wish to control all our industry including those for our national defense so the can sit don and tell us what to do from a boardroom across the Atlantic. The overseers of the French population, those who across the ocean and say they do everything with a clear conscience have since barred an important technology from coming to France. These high tech products would help with our national defense, in the nuclear arms race, but America would fear us too much so they keep us in the dark to protect themselves from a country that can live without a dying passion to consume every little gadget offered on the television. Besides government control we must be wary of the foreign investment we have allowed ourselves to become engaged in.

The total stock of foreign investment in Frances economy, which is into the several billion-dollar categories, over half of that is, controlled by American investment firms. The most eye-popping and worrisome aspect of the whole event is that most of the money is invested into manufacturing. Investment that started off with the larger companies: IBM, Standard Oil-Esso, and GM. The investments that are the ones to watch are the smaller and medium size firms. To add salt to the wound American subsidiaries borrowed capital from French banks to finance their expansion. What happens when America goes into a recession, do you think they will keep up with their overseas investments? No, certainly not, they will tuck tail and run, trying to salvage what is left of their careers.

They will ante up to the ego-centrics of a consumers economy, they will take care of themselves first, in America and what is left, they will save it up for future holding to build their empire to the great status of the Rockefellers. They have the ability to crush the European Community market with lay-offs, closing plants, management changes, industrialization and modernization. They hold no obeisance for their people that feed their children an ocean away. America has come into the European market, not just the French market, and completely dominated everything. Americas big business makes more money then small countries, and dwarfs any and all European companies that compete with them.

I would have to agree with Maurice Deverger in the need to look for European solutions, as a way to help out our struggling home companies, not just let the U.S. come in and throw endless piles of cash at them. In controlling the firms that are powered by western funds, we can control our own economy and essentially our own destiny. We have become so subservient of American society, culture, and money and finance that we have forgotten who we are. We need to become a more nationalistic society to help preserve our own culture, and no assimilate to the culture that breathes cheeseburgers, and feeds its intellect not from museums and the renaissances but from the television.

This Americanization of values and ideas is going to strip us of our uniqueness in the European community. If England and the rest of them want to invite the Americans over for tea thats just fine, but lets have them beg for our attention. If they to control our economy, let us control their culture, their minds ideas thoughts and values. Let us be the ones who infect them, rather then they, let us bestow our culture and values upon them, and that in turn will turn around their investments, their capital gains and stock market controlled funds to a more secure business that we are more accustom to deal with. Let them come to us for assurance and culture. This will be the only way to turn our economy back into controlling hands of the just and right, to the hands of the natural born leaders of this not only this continent we call Europe, but the natural born leaders of this home we call earth. As we look at this sizable intrusion into our national stock, we should see it as a threat to our way of life. A country of consumers and laziness is taking over our economy and using it as capital on the world wide market, we are one of the most Powerful countries in all the world. France offers culture where America offers stagnation.

We are sophisticated with great cities and much to add to the continuing humanity and the Americans will just take everything for them and not offer us a table scrap. America will continue to reap the world for its own benefits, take more statues and then simply send their children to us for history lessons, because all we are to them is a tourist attraction. Bibliography Seducing the French-Richard Kuisel, University of California Press 1993 Political Issues.