Searching Over Internet

Searching Over Internet NOTE: To start off this project we clicked on the Explorer Icon on the desktop.

Once we were online, we typed the following URLs according to the part of the assignment in which we were to complete. B1. General Searching A. Simple Search -Search Engine: -Search Topic: Indians -Search Results: DIRECTORY RESULTS 3 Matches 1 – 3 1. Recreation/ Smoking/ Cigars/ Store Indians 2. Sports/ Baseball/ Major League/ Teams/ Cleveland Indians 3.

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Regional/ US/ Ohio/ Localities/ C/ Cleveland/ Sports and Recreation/ Sports/ Baseball/ Cleveland Indians B.Complex Search – Search Engine: – Search Topic: Indians and Mexicans, or Latins – Search Results:. – DIRECTORY RESULTS 3 Matches 1 – 3 1.LatinoLink: Feedback 99% 7/24/99

html See results from this site only. 2. United Nations: Women of color and the world: Asian, African, Black, Ebony, Indian, Latin, European, Middle Eastern 97% 7/20/99 See results from this site only. 3.

Mexican-American and Chicanos 93% 9/5/99 htm See results from this site only.C. People Search – Search Engine: – Click on Find a Person 1.Search Name: Kaliss – Search Results: -Switchboard.

Find a Person Results 2 Matches 1-2 Kaliss, Nathan Seely Rd, Otter Creek, ME 04665-9999 -Kaliss, Rebecca B Seely Rd, Otter Creek, ME 04665-9999 – 2. Search Telephone Number: – Previous search had no Phone Searches – Switched Search engine to – Click the Search Icon, then on the next page click the ,Telephone Area Code (North America), Then type : 207-288-3730, in the blank provided for you.Click submit query. -Search results: Search Results 2.The area code 207-288-3730 was not found in the database. This entry was the closest in numerical order:Sheldon, Mr.

Randal Scot *[email protected]* (Area Code: 209) (13 October 1996, 04:56:26) 3. Map and Directions: C. Libraries On The Internet 1.Find List of Libraries a. Went to www.uta.

edu, then clicked on LIBRARIES, then click on LIBRARY CATALOGS, then scroll down to Texas Library Catalogs, click it Arlington Public Library /Telnet, click it. Next click on CATALOG.Then click on Click here to connect to the Catalog using Telnet. Once in type “S” to search. Type “C” to search by SUBJECT.

. – Search Topic- BARS – SUBJECT SEARCH: bars – #) Heading Titles – – 1) Bars (Drinking establishments) 1 – 2) Bars (Drinking establishments)–California–San Francisco. 1 – 3) Bars (Drinking establishments)–England. 1 – 4) Bars (Drinking establishments)–Fiction. 3 – 5) Bars (Drinking establishments)–Ireland–Mallow–History–Fiction .

1 – – Press N to see the next page of matching titles – Press P to see the previous page of matching titles – – Press 1-5 or press RETURN to do another search: d. Library book search:.