Samiramis And Zenobia

Samiramis And Zenobia A role model is an important person who has an important role in society. He is an example to his people and everybody wish to follow him and be like him in order to have the same fame that he has. Actually, people make role models ; they believe in some people and in their ideologies and they let them be famous by spreading or applying their ideas . We can say that, in order to be classified as a role model, one should be different than other people. One may have an extra capacity or intelligence which he proved and that made the people love or hate him. A role model is, therefore, any tyrant or loving person that made some different thing from other people.

Each role model should have some ideologies that he has to accomplish or try to apply on people. Therefore , even if he doesn’t make his values and norms valued in real life , he may left some souvenir and some hope in some people’s life. Well, role models exist and have existed since ancient times. They contributed in creating and marking our history by their behaviours. This paper deals with two considered to be role models: the first one, from the ancient time, is Samiramis, and the other is Zenobia.

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Two important women who can prove that females were and will always influence and be a contributing member in life and in history. Some historians claim that the existence of Samiramis is a fairy tale . Some others argue about its period of time . However, because her name was connected to the story of Nenoi and the building of Babel we cannot deny or reject her existence in real life . Well, Samiramis was born in a strange situation .

Some say that she was born in a region near Syria and that her mother was a maid , who mother left her in the desert after her birth and it is said that the birds fed her . When she was one year old, a shepherd called Samiramis found her. She was a child having a magnificent beauty; therefore, he gave her the name of Samiramis. As she grew up in age, Samiramis became popular for her extreme beauty in addition to her high intelligence. After a period of time , the governor of Nenoi called Mnones saw her.

Charmed by her beauty, he fell madly in love with her and decided to marry her. Also, when the king Nenos saw Mnones’s wife that is Samiramis he ordered Mnones to give him Samiramis, and he promised him that he would give him in return his daughter. Mnones loved too much his wife and he couldn’t accept or bear the idea of losing her in addition to the fact that he doesn’t dare to disobey the king’s orders; therefore, Mnones killed himself . After Mnones’s death, Samiramis had to marry Nenos. This latest died after 52 years from reigning the country, and he left the kingship to his wife as his only son was still very young. Samiramis spread the news of her reign all over the country and declared that every member in the country should obey her orders .

She put in her finger the king’s ring and she sat on the throne. Unfortunately, Samiramis misused her power. She wanted to have an immortal image and an unforgettable name, so she let her people build her the great city of Babylon which needed two million workers to achieve it . In addition to the great city of Babylon, Samiramis ordered her people to build various castles in which she lived and where she had too many gardens established on her honour. What we should add is that each one of these monuments had her name and a paragraph that certifies the power Samiramis had .

It was, therefore, known according to these texts that Samiramis had the strength of a man and that she was able to control the powers of nature ,for example she certified that she is the one who forced the rivers to flood whenever she liked. Samiramis was an intelligent woman, and she used this intelligence during war. When she went to conquer India, for example, she covered the camels she had with bull’s skin, so they would look like these latest .So ,when she and her army reached India, the elephants were afraid of the bulls and they ran away and that’s how she won the first part of the war. Nevertheless, later on, her trick was discovered, and the Indian army directed by their Indian prince followed them. While turning back to her territories, Samarium’s was struck in her hand by an arrow sent from the prince . When she came back to her country, Samiramis found out that her only son had taken over the throne, and he rejected his mother.

Feeling a big defeat, Samiramis killed herself in 2069 B.C., and since that time, she was considered immortal, and the symbol of the pigeon always symbolised her, and her immortality. Now that we wrote about Samiramis, the great queen that reigned during ancient history, during the period before 2069 B.C., it is time to switch to a new period of time that of Zenobia who died about 260 A.D. Zenobia, born in Palmyra, was the wife of Odenathus, a chief of various tribes in the desert. He had many alliances with the Romans. Therefore, he was known as “Augustus, leader of the east”.

Indeed, Augustus did win a lot of battles because of the help of the Romans. This latter’s nephew assassinated him, because of jealousy that’s why Zenobia took revenge, and destroyed all the territories of her husband’s nephew in return to what he did .Now that Augustus is dead , one of his children should take his place and rule the country but since they were minors, they couldn’t rule the country, so she governed first in the name of her sons, but later she called herself the queen of Palmyra in Syria, put on the king’s crown and became the sole ruler. Zenobia was as beautiful as Samiramis even though she was more respectful than this latter. She had a rare intelligen …