Sam philips

Sam Phillips, a very successful man, accomplished so much in just one lifetime that most people could only dream about doing. Sam had worked at a radio station called WREC, but was fired for frequently being absent. While working at the radio station he had met a girl named Marian. Marian was with Sam when he discovered an empty store, which he would turn into a studio. Marian then quit her job at the radio station and single handedly staffed the business.
Many people came to Sams tiny studio to be recorded. Some such artist were Ike Turner, Johnny Cash and Muddy Waters. From the success of the many people Sam had been recording he started his own label called Sun records. Though Sam recorded many artist, he will always be remembered for recording Elvis Presley. Along with Sam, Marian was there when the young Elvis came in for the first time.
Sam will not only be remembered for the many artist he recorded but for also starting WHER the first on-air-staff radio show made up entirely of all women. the On the same day that WHER came on air, Sam made the hard decision of selling Elvis Presleys contract to RCA. He had to do it because he needed the money for his new radio station.

Sams radio station consisted of women only who were on the air seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. In 1971 a new manager had bought WHER, and it would never be the same. WHER had finally come to an end in 1980 when Bill Thomas decided that the radio station would become all talk and all news all the time, and no more music. He also decided to change the call letters from WHER to WEEE. I am not quite sure why he did this because most people rather listen to music then hear people talk the whole time.
In conclusion Sam will be known for many things. His recording label Sun records is still run today by his sons, who are still bringing up young and talented artist. Sam also launched and started many careers of many artist, and started the radio station called WHER.
Radio programming today consist of both news and music. Most people like and enjoy listening to the latest music, and the newest artist. Some also enjoy hearing tunes from years ago. Many also like to be aware of the latest news, traffic reports and weather while in their cars.

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