Ryan Polonski September 20, 1998

Ryan PolonskiSeptember 20, 1998EnglishGrade 12
The story Beowulf is a product of the Anglo-Saxon literature generation. Beowulf, which has been passed down through many generations, was probably written, copied and preserved by monks who may have added to the story. Beowulf is a traditional epic, containing such qualities as being about a great national hero, containing supernatural eliminates, and being written in lofty language.

First, Beowulf the man was the famous thane of the geats. When Beowulf heard of the daemon (monster) grundle, he was infuriated because grundle had killed so many of his comrades. The hero of the story decides to find revenge. It is rumored that Beowulf has the strength of thirty men.

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Secondly, in the story of Beowulf, the three monsters are representing demons, with supernatural powers. The monsters could, apparently, eat men whole except for the bone rings or the vertebra. Beowulf himself also has some supernatural powers because he has the strength of thirty men.
Lastly, the text of Beowulf has been past down through generations, and translated into different languages. Furthermore, it was written several centuries ago, so the speech would be much different. However, beyond all of that, at least some of the original meanings have been preserved. Some examples of the original text are whale-road, representing the sea, and The Giver of Rings is the representation of the king, and the ship is called Wave-Skimmer.

The overall idea of the story is the war going on in the spiritual world, between Heaven and Hell. I think that the way that the author presents the war is an interesting way to see it, and may be a good way to reach the world with subtle message. It is also an excellent example of Anglo-Saxon literature, containing all four elements of a traditional epic.