Romeo and Julliet- act three scene one

I think that the significance of this scene is quite great because if this scene wasn’t in the play, then Romeo would never have been banished, and the whole ending of the play would have changed.

In this scene, Mercutio is killed, Tybalt is slain, and Romeo is banished. Tybalt and Mercutio are main characters.

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Mercutio is quite brave in this scene, because he is challenging Tybalt. Tybalt is acting the same, but Romeo went mad with him when he found out tgat Tybalt had killed Mercutio, and Romeo killed Tybalt. This is a new side of Romeo, as we havn’t seen him fight before, and at the start, he seemed to want peace with Tybalt. The audience’s impression of Romeo changes, he is no longer just a quiet, harmless boy, he has become wild, and his silence seems no longer of sadness, but of oppression.

Romeo really develops in this scene, from at first just wanting peace, to then being unsure about trusting people, because Tybalt went against peace, and kiilled Mercutio.

This scene comes in the middle of the play. It is there because halkf of the play depends on this scene being there. The scene comes at a time when the audience would either be bored, or relaxing, it wasto stir things up again, and make the audience want to watch. There is the killings, which draw you to the storyline. Before this scene, if you did not know the story, you might still have thought it possible to turn out right in the end, because Romeo and Juliet have just got married.

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