Romeo And Juliet

Romeo And Juliet ROMEO AND JULIET Consumed by Fire – by Scott Walters I hate and I love.

Why I do so, perhaps you ask. I know not, but I feel it and I am in torment. Gaius Valerius Catullus Too hot, too hot! William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale For a love story, Romeo and Juliet has more violence and bloodshed than most TV mini-series. The play begins with a riot, ends with a double suicide, and in between has three murders.

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And all this takes place in the span of four short days. Of course, when you’re dealing with love and passion, you’re operating on an elemental level. The funny thing is that they have their roots in the same soil.How many times have you seen love turn to hate, and vice versa, in the blink of an eye? Love and hate are twin sons of different mothers, separated at birth.

They have a doubleness. This ambiguity is reflected throughout Romeo and Juliet, whose language is riddled with oxymorons. O brawling love, O loving hate, Romeo cries in the play’s very first scene, using a figure of speech and setting up a theme that will be played out during the next five acts. Like the poles of an electrical circuit between which runs the high voltage of emotions, love and hate create a dialogue and a dialectic, a dynamic tension which powers the action and generates heat.Hot Enough for You? When I noticed that two of the plays this season had settings in Verona, I decided to find out a thing or two about the place. Reading the section on climate in Harold Rose’s rather chatty book Your Guide to Northern Italy, I noted that Italy is very hot in summer and that Rose recommends that the smart traveler should avoid August if you can because it is the hottest month. Checking another book, I discovered that Rose, in a typically English way, was understating the severity of the summer weather rather considerably. The second book pointed out that there are times when Scirocco winds sweep Saharan conditions northward; winds which, by the time they reach Italy, bring humid, stifling weather with temperatures commonly topping the 100 degree mark.

After reading this, a great deal of the violence in Romeo and Juliet became more understandable: they’re all short-tempered because of the heat! This is even noted by Benvolio when he warns Mercutio that The day is hot, and Capulet’s abroad,/ And if we meet we shall not scape a brawl,/ For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.Unfortunately, he warns too late, and the brawl he seeks to avoid is met in the form of Tybalt. The mad blood is stirring.. Think back a few summers to the drought that plagued Illinois: after days and days of humid, 90+ temperatures, didn’t you want to kill somebody? Tempers explode when it’s hot. At the end of a ten-day heat wave, one newspaper reported that a knife fight broke out when one man asked another, Hot enough for you? The connection between heat and violence is well-known and documented. In 1968, the United States Riot Commission, investigating the ghetto riots that had taken place the previous year found that In most instances, the temperature during the day on which the violence first erupted was quite high.

In fact, in 9 of 18 riots, the temperature reached 90 degrees or more during the day, and in all but one of the remaining cases, the temperature had been in the 80s. The long, hot summer of 1967 was just that.Perhaps it is not too great a stretch to postulate that Verona is experiencing just such a long, hot summer. Something must have happened to have touched off the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.

By the time Romeo and Juliet begins, the violence is already under way. The play opens with a riot, after which the Prince angrily notes that Three civil brawls..have thrice disturbed the quiet of our streets. Obviously, this violence has not been continual, for it is still young enough for people to keep count of the fights. No, this is a new outbreak of an older conflict, as the Capulets and Montagues from ancient grudge break to new mutiny.What brings on this conflict? The Prince blames it on an airy word/ By thee, old Capulet, and Montague. But if this airy word provided the spark, the conditions must have been ripe for fire.

And surely the flame, once lit, has been fanned by a kind of fever that has swept the city. Passion is a Fever in the Mind Heat, whether internal or external, has a bad effect on judgment. The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine once undertook a study to determine how soldiers would perform in hot climates. As Lucy Kavaler describes in her interesting book A Matter of Degree: Heat, Life and Death Soldiers were required to exercise in heat of 103 degrees at high humidity, which caused a rise in body temperature.They were allowed to rest for a while and then, still overheated, were asked to detect light signals flashed in a random manner.

A second group of men exercised at 75 degrees. More light flashes were reported by the men who were hotter, which at first seemed to indicate that this state increased their alertness and competence. But when their detection reports were compared with the number of true signals, it was found that the increase was in false reports. Their judgment was not as sound as that of cooler men.They had become more willing to take a risk and insist that they saw a signal when in fact there was none. Applying this to interpersonal communication, it might be reasonable to assume that human beings who are hot might see a signal of aggression in another person — particularly if that person were regarded as the enemy — when in fact there was none. The slightest wrong move might be perceived as an affront, an insult, a challenge.

Under the best circumstances, communication between hostile forces is difficult; under conditions of extreme heat, conflict becomes almost inevitable. In addition, Kavaler notes, excessive heat calls forth the fight or flight reaction in which all body systems mobilize to meet a threat. Given the code of honor which views flight as cowardice, the men of Verona have little choice: they must fight. And they must fight in response to any perceived signal of aggression.

Interestingly, the physiological reactions of the body to heat is similar to its reaction to the onset of rage: the heart beats faster, breathing quickens, the blood vessels in the skin dilate, and there is an increase in blood flow, making the skin flush. If the blood vessels remain dilated for long, some liquid leaks into the tissues and the face looks swollen. So the face of heat is also the face of rage. Welcome to Verona.

–Scott Walters Bibliography I’m a normal stufent that once in a while needs help with reports.-Scott Shakespeare.

Romeo And Juliet

Romeo And Juliet Contributions of minor characters to the plot, theme and character development. By: Tom Quaranta Minor characters play large roles in contributing to many aspects of plays, movies and stories. Minor characters help bring out attributes of a character that only they can do.

Friar Laurence is one of the minor characters who contributes, and furthers the plot by marrying Romeo and Juliet in Act II, Scene VI. Tybalt is another minor character who contributes to the theme of hatred. The Nurse reveals Juliets character.The minor characters, such as the nurse, Friar Laurence, and Tybalt contribute to the plot, theme of hatred and character elements of the play. Friar Laurence contributes to the plot by marrying Romeo and Juliet. Friar also develops a plan to stop Paris from marrying Juliet, by giving Juliet a potion, however, the plan ultimately leads to tragedy.

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Friar Laurence decides he is going to marry the couple “For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone/ Till holy church incorporate two in one.” ( Thus showing how much Friar Laurence cared for Romeo, willing to go behind the parents of both Romeo and Juliet.

Friar Laurence was a father figure to Romeo, he was always looking out for Romeo and only wanting the best for him.This is seen when Friar Laurence says to Romeo, “These violent delights have violent ends,” (

9) warning Romeo to take it easy with Juliet. Friar Laurence develops a plan for Juliet to refrain from marrying Paris. He decides to make a potion that will put Juliet in a deep sleep for forty-two hours making it seem as if she is dead. Then another Friar will go to Mantua and inform Romeo.

Friar Laurence is one of the minor characters who contributes to the plot. Tybalt is one of the minor characters who contributes to the theme of hatred.Tybalt shows he would love to kill a Montague where he says to Benvolio ” Turn thee Benvolio, look upon thy death.” (III.i.

64) In every appearance in the play he is looking for a fight with a Montague, at the party “This, by his voice, should be a Montague./ Fetch me my rapier, boy. .

.” (I.v.53-54) and after he challenges Romeo to a sword fight.

Tybalts fight with Romeo leads to the separation of Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt shows his true feelings for Romeo when he tells Romeo, ” Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford/ No better term than this—thou art a villain.” (III.i.59-60) This states that Tybalt has no better way to describe Romeo then, he is a villain. Tybalt is the opposite of Romeo. All of his actions stem from his hatred; where as all of Romeos actions come from love.

Tybalt has a lot of family pride, causing him never to back down from a fight. He tries to show that Capulets are the ones who rule the land. If anyone disagrees with that, they will be challenged to a duo. Thus showing us how Tybalt contributes to the theme of hatred. The final minor character, the Nurse, reveals Juliets character.

She loves to play games with Juliet. For example, in act II, scene V, Juliet wanted to know what Romeo had told the Nurse, but the Nurse continued to change topics, teasing Juliet. She also cares a lot for Juliet, even more then her mother. She knows exactly when Juliet was born, unlike Lady Capulet. Nurse brings out who Juliet is interested in by getting her to say “..

What is yond gentleman?” (I.v.127) The Nurse tells how Juliet feels when she finds out her love has been banished.O, she says nothing , sir, but weeps and weeps; And now falls on her bed; and then starts up, And Tybalt calls, and then on Romeo cries, And then falls down again.

This indicates that Juliet could not bear with Romeo being banished from Verona. The Nurse may only be a minor character, however she plays a large part in bringing Juliets character to life. The minor characters, such as the Nurse, Friar Laurence, and Tybalt contribute to the plot, theme of hatred and character elements of the play. Friar Laurence contributes to the plot by marrying Romeo and Juliet. The Friar also give the potion to Juliet. Tyblat contributes to the theme of hatred. Finally the Nurse reveals Juliets character.

Minor characters, play large roles in contributing to many aspects of plays, movies and also stories. Minor characters help bring out attributes of characters, themes and the plots that only they can do.

Romeo and Juliet

In this essay, I will examine and describe the relationships of Juliet – the sweet girl who is in love with Romeo, Nurse – who is the minder of Juliet, Mercutio – Romeos dear friend and Tybalt- who is an enemy of Romeo. These characters are all from the play Romeo and Juliet, which is written by William Shakespeare. Juliet is a young, beautiful teenager who is aged 14.

Juliet is set to marry Paris because of her mother, father and the nurse who think that Paris should be a good husband. Veronas summer hath not such a flower..

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.Nah, hes a flower, in faith a very flower (Pg 55). This quote shows that the nurse and Lady Capulet greatly admire Paris and think he is very handsome. When Juliet first meets Romeo, they fall instantly in love and they decide to get married, but Juliet discovers that Romeo is a Montague.

Tis, but thy name is my enemy…thou art myself, through not a Montague. This quote shows, even though Romeo is a Montague she still loves him and she is willing to give up her name as a Capulet to be with Romeo.

Tybalt is a fiery character who loves a good fight. This is a contrast to Juliet’s character as Juliet is very kind and loving and Tybalt is a very evil man who loves fighting. Tybalt is Juliets cousin and a Capulet.

I think this is why he holds a grudge against Romeo because they are from rivalling families. Tybalt has no sense of fun and is often too serious. There are many similarities between Lord Capulet and Tybalt because both characters have the same beliefs and are very up front. Tybalt is also a family man who honours family members and tradition.

The nurse is a middle-aged carer. She is a carer for Juliet and looks after her. Mr and Mrs Capulet pay her to look after Juliet when they are not present. The nurse is a loving character, who acts like a mother to Juliet. However, her marriage opinion differs from that of Lady Capulet. Mercutio is Romeos friend he is a true friend to Romeo.

Mercutio is very humorous and loves to joke. He is very loyal to his true friend Romeo. This loyalty is shown when Mercutio dies for his friend. Tybalt and Mercutio have a big rivalry and are always fighting, as a result Mercutio dies fighting with Tybalt. This big rivalry is finally, unleashed when Mercutio is killed. This fight began because of Romeo as Mercutio was standing up for him. This shows Mercutios loyalty.As well as being similar, all the characters are different from one another; characters like Tybalt and the nurse do not know each other that well.

Tybalt and the nurse do not meet in the play. On the other hand, Juliet and the nurse who have a good relationship and talk regularly in the play. This is very contrasting in side the Capulet family, as many of the family members do not have a very close relationship such as Juliet and Tybalt. Juliet and Tybalt do not have a close relationship, as they are cousins they do know of each other but are not very fond of each other. Juliet and Mercutio have a good relationship because Romeo is in love with Juliet, so Mercutio is always hearing of all of Romeos love problems with Juliet. Tybalt and the Nurse never speak to each other but do know of each other because their friends have spoken of them. Shakespeare portrays each character differently, in the way they speak in the play. He uses different types of languages for each character.

Shakespeare describes Juliet as a helpless, young, love truck girl. In the play, Juliet speaks in prose as someone who is lost in a big world. Juliet talks a lot about Romance. Oh, Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo. This quote tells us she is a young and madly in love Romeo.The nurse talks as if she is the mother in the play and as a substitute to Lady Capulet.

As we know already, she acts as a mother towards Juliet. Thou wast the prettiest baby that eer I nursed. This quote tells us that the nurse is a dedicated and loving mother. The nurse is also portrayed as a mother who thinks she knows best for the child. This shown when the nurse tries to persuade Juliet to marry Paris for her own good.

The nurse is also a very low class woman; we can tell this by the way that she speaks in the play. The nurse speaks in prose and not in verse. This means that the nurse is in a lower class, which means she is of a lower status. This may mean that the nurse feels insecure and will show her feelings towards the last person she talks to, this is shown when she is talking to Lady Capulet.

Lord, Lord, she will be joyful women. At this point, the Nurse is obviously thrilled that Juliet is marrying Romeo. However, later in the play the nurses opinion has changed.

O Tybalt, Tybalt, the best friend I had…these griefs, these woes, these sorrows. This shows the change in opinion, this opinion is not her opinion but a biased view to what Lady Capulet is thinking.

Tybalt is always talking about fighting or getting into a brawl, which is why Shakespeare portrays Tybalt as someone who talks his mind and very directly. We see this fiery character in act 1 scene 1, where Tybalt and Benvolio are fighting. Talks of peace, I hate the word, as I hate hell, and hate thee.

These quotes show how Shakespeare portrays Tybalt in the play. This fighting attitude is also reflected with his grudge against the Montagues and how he treats their family. Shakespeare describes Mercutio as a fun and humorous character but who is willing to fight for his pride.

Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance…If love be rough with you, be rough with love. These quotes show us how Mercutio makes everything into a joke but still gives good advice. This quote also shows me that Mercutio thinks that Romeo should not be in love if it brings so much pain.

This shows that Mercutio has a serious side but does not like to bring it out. Romeo and Juliet contain tragedy as the main genre. The book Romeo and Juliet was written in 1567 and performed first at 1595.

When the play was written, the play related to the social ideals of the time. The social ideals where performed in the play when young Juliet had a fixed marriage to Paris. This was very common at the time in 1595. The importance of the relationships in the play are evident. Romeo and Juliets relationship is the most important because the whole play is based around these characters. The purpose of these two characters is to guide the audience through love, drama and of course tragedy. Shakespeare has put these characters in the play because it keeps the audience interested and intrigued.

These characters die in the play to reflect the mood of the play. Romeo dies in the play after swallowing some poison. Juliet dies in the play after she stabs herself with a dagger after finding out that Romeo has killed himself. Mercutio dies when he is killed after protecting Romeo. Romeo then gets his own back when he kills Tybalt. The whole plot is over exaggerated with all the rivalries, deaths and love stories in the play.

The nurse does not die in the play because she is one of the main characters. If Shakespeare does kill her off the play would not survive because she is the mother of the play and a cheerful character who knows almost everyone in the play. The experience of the characters is very telling. The more experienced characters are less hasty in their decisions. An example of this is when Juliet drinks the poison, after finding Romeo dead. If Juliet was older at this time, she may not have made the same decisions.

O happy dagger, this is thy sheath they rust, and let me die. The characters are very young this is shown in their immaturity. The way that the characters act is very love struck. This is shown in the way they feel the pair have to get married. Some of the characters talk a lot to each other including Juliet and the nurse. These two characters talk in prose. When Romeo and Juliet talk, they talk very romantically and in verse. If the did not know each other there would be no love or hate between the families.

This feud is because of an ancient grudge between the Capulet and the Montagues. This ancient feud has been between the Montague’s and the Capulet for years before Juliet and Romeo fell in love.The four characters relationships have a huge effect on the audience.

The plot of Romeo and Juliet would not be the same without these characters because each of these characters plays a big part in the play. Juliet plays the biggest part and without her, the plot would fall apart because no one would be in love. In conclusion, at the end of the play the four characters have had a big effect on the play. It is understood that Juliet played the most important role because she is the lover of Romeo. Secondly, I think the nurse had a big impact on the audience because she is stuck in the middle of Romeo and Juliet and she is a big gossip. Finally, Tybalt and Mercutio have a very big effect on the play, as Tybalt is the character who gets Romeo banished from Verona. The catastrophe of Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt and Mercutio dying has a large effect on the flow of the play. The deaths also change the reactions and thoughts of some of the characters.

Shakespeare is trying to send out the message of peace and harmony to the Elizabethan audience. Shakespeare does this by showing Love, rivalry and Death. There is love in the play because of Romeo and Juliet. There is rivalry because of the Capulet and Montague feud that has raged on for many years. The final message is death of Romeo and Juliet. All these factors are important because the theatre shows where the only source of entertainment in those times and for most the only education.

romeo and juliet

Romeo – The son of Montague and Lady Montague. A young man of about sixteen, Romeo is handsome, intelligent, and sensitive. At first sight, he falls in love with Juliet, the daughter of his family’s archenemy, Capulet. Though he is capable of the most intense love, Romeo is no mere pretty-boy: he proves himself to be a fine swordsman in the course of the play.

He is kinsman with Benvolio and great friends with Mercutio and Friar Laurence.Click here for In-Depth Analysis. Juliet – The daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet. A beautiful thirteen-year-old girl, Juliet begins the play as a nave child who has thought little about love and marriage. She grows up quickly, though upon falling in love with Romeo, the son of her family’s great enemy. Though she loves Romeo as profoundly as he loves her, Juliet nevertheless demonstrates a more level and sober head than does her paramour. Until a falling out near the end of the play, the Nurse is Juliet’s closest, and, it seems, only confidante and friend.

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Click here for In-Depth Analysis. Friar Laurence – A Franciscan monk, friend to both Romeo and Juliet. Kind, civic-minded, a proponent of moderation, and always ready with a plan, Friar Laurence secretly marries the impassioned lovers in hopes that the union might eventually bring peace to Verona. Though a Catholic monk, Friar Laurence is also, oddly, an expert in the use of seemingly mystical potions and herbs.Click here for In-Depth Analysis. Mercutio – A kinsman to the Prince, and Romeo’s close friend.

One of the most extraordinary characters in all of Shakespeare’s plays, Mercutio overflows with imagination, wit, and, at times, a strange, biting satire and brooding fervor. Mercutio loves wordplay, especially sexual double entendres. He can be quite hotheaded, and hates those who are fashionable and polite for social acceptance. He finds Romeo’s romanticized ideas about love tiresome.Click here for In-Depth Analysis.

Romeo And Juliet

Romeo And Juliet Williams Shakespeare’s Romantic Tragedy Romeo and Juliet, is in regard to two lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet.

Which come from different households, which have been feuding for many years now. The main issues that concern Romeo and Juliet are the issue of love and hate, and defiance of parent’s wishes. When the two characters initially meet they have a love and hate relationship without even knowing it. Romeo and Juliet are greatly influenced by the two households feuding that they were brought up in under the impression that they hate each other. The two lovers knew that they existed and hated each other just because of the feud.This was until they meet each other and got to know each other for what they really were. They didn’t know each other by last name anymore but for what was inside.

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The two lovers realised that they have a love hate relationship when they find out what household they come from. Juliet expresses this in act 1 scene 5, line 137 by saying, ‘My only love sprung from my only hate!’ This still doesn’t stop the two lovers. As that they are in love with each other so much that it does not matter two them one single bit to them all they want to be is together.Still the two lovers would prefer it if the circumstances were indeed different. She wonders why the circumstances have to be this way and she wishes that she no longer be a Capulet or that Romeo no longer be a Montague. However she than realises that it doesn’t matter what name a person has its what’s inside and that definitely the truth no matter what Romeo name he would still be the same person.

Juliet expresses this in Act 2 Scene 2 lines 45 – 49 ‘ So Romeo would, were he no Romeo call’d, Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that title. Romeo doth thy name; And for thy name, which is no part of thee, Take myself’ The two lovers than decide to get married. Straight after that they have met.Romeo asks Friar Laurence to marry them.

At first the friar isn’t sure but then thinks about it and thinks how it could help for a peace to come for the two feuding families, because like it our not they would be related. I think the friar had other selfish reasons to marry them because he could’ve been recognised as the peacemaker of Fair Verona. The lovers have to overcome a lot of problems, which ends up in Tragedy. The problem that affect them the most are the problem of both of their families fighting and Juliet’s parents expecting her to marry Paris. Romeo ends up being banished from Verona because of the feuding, which leads him in killing Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin.He kills Tybalt because of the rage he felt when Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo’s best friend. Mercutio was protecting Romeo and then he got shot so I guess Romeo must have felt both guilt and rage because his best friend blamed him for his death, as this were the last words that Mercutio said. The defiance of parental wishes was another problem.

With Romeo being banished from Verona, Tybalt dead, Juliet’s parents moved the wedding earlier because they thought it would offer some comfort for Juliet because of the sudden death of her cousin. Juliet was to marry Paris or be thrown out into the streets and her parents wouldn’t care less if she were dead or alive. This is why Juliet drinks the potion so she can run away with Romeo and live happily ever after well that what she thought instead she caused a lot of heartache for everyone.This very famous story appeals to a lot of people, I think because the way that that Shakespeare wrote it. He made you feel for the two characters. It also to a lot of people because in some very traditional families the daughter husband is chosen for her and she is left in misery for the rest of her life all because of her parents wanted her to marry a certain person. The persons usually claim that they do it to protect the child, some parents may mean this but other won’t like Capulet he wanted his daughter to marry Count Paris so that he would gain a higher social status. It can also be compared to the racial conflict that we experience everyday in our life.

The two households can be represented as being two different racial backgrounds feuding together. There has been a lot of stories about 2 young people not carrying about what race the person is and caring for the person because of the person that they are inside.There families the find out and they aren’t aloud to speak to each other. It’s usually just a friendship and not even a romance. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a terrific story about 2 lovers who are longing to be together her on earth but instead they are together with each other in heaven. Shakespeare Essays.


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