Romeo And Juliet: Tragedy Of A Family Or A City?

Romeo and Juliet: Tragedy of A Family or A City?Is Romeo and Juliet’s death a tragedy of two families or a tragedy of acity? In the following quote, W. H.

Auden says, “The tragedy of Romeo not simply a tragedy of two individuals, but the tragedy of a city.Everybody in the city is one way or another involved in and responsible for whathappens.” I agree with this quote. In the rest of this essay you will read why.One reason why it is a tragedy of a city is because almost everyone isinvolved.

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Almost the whole city attended the party which the Capulets held. EvenRomeo attended the party. Now the audience of the play knows that even thecity’s citizens are involved.The next reason is when Benvolio and Tybalt exchange insults. At firstthey just argue.

Then within a blink of an eye, you see masses of peoplefighting. People come from all sides. To me, it looked as if the whole town waspresent at the brawl.The third and most consequential reason is the ending of the play atRomeo and Juliet’s funeral. The star crossed lovers’ bodies were carried outinto the center of town.

All of Verona was following. There were masses ofpeople. The whole town was present.

This reason made me decide the lovers’deaths were a trgedy of a city.In conclusion, with all the people involved in the tragedy of Romeo andJuliet’s death, the tragedy was of a city.