Romeo And Juliet 6

Romeo & Juliet
In the novel Romeo and Juliet, Romeo shows two different
kinds of love depending on before and after he meets Juliet.

Before Romeo falls in love with Juliet he lives a life of sadness.

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Even though he has many friends he still finds a way of putting
his friends behind him and living a miserable life.He is very
miserable because he has fallen in love with a woman by the name
of Rosaline, but she can not love him back because she did’nt even
know about it.Romeo did not have the courage to tell her.His love
is not true love, he is just in love with the the fact of being in
love. He likes the feeling of being in love and will try to be
together with anyone as long as he has the love feeling and enjoys
the time being,not necesserily the girl he is being with.He is
feeling so full of sorrow that he can’t take it so he locks himself
in his room in darkness yet he doesn’t even know if she loves him
or not,He is afraid to ask her.

His love for Rosaline is great but yet she can not say the same and
for that he will continue to be miserable.He has lots of support
from his friends and lots of advice given to him but he doesn’t
take the time to think of the many opportunities he has to chose
from, such as forget about Rosaline and find someone else, or tell
Rosaline how he feels and see what happens.

After he meets Juliet his love for Rosaline disappears and a new
and different love appears.

As he see her for the first time he falls madly in love.

He speaks to her and they both say they feel the same about each
other.Even though they are forbidded to get married or even get
together with each other,they do.He shows a tremendous excitement
knowing that he is loving and getting love back.He gets in trouble
because of the killing of Tybalt and he is banned from Verona and
he has to leave.When Romeo must leave Juliet and move away neither
Romeo nor Juliet can put up with the pain.They fight with all the
power they have to try to stay together forever,till it comes to the
point that the only solution to be together is by death.

They tried everything else but they didn’t succeed.

He just can’t bear to live a life without her.

He thinks of his only choices and knows that either he forgets
about her and leave town or he stay with her and is sent to
death penalty.Even though he knows he has family and friends
he chooses to die with her, to be together.

So we see a big change In love here.At first he is in love with the
idea of being in love and is too shy or ashamed to tell the woman
how he feels, but then when he met Juliet and fell in love with
her the love was mutual, now he does anything to be together with her.

At first he is sad and every minute of his life is sad until he
loves Juliet and he is then happy.

Romeo’s love life to him was a lot more clear and happier even
though, it meant having to die together.