Role Of Airplanes In World War Ii

Role of Airplanes in World War II Role of Airplanes in World War II Chapter 1: War itself Flying started when the first people on earth saw a bird flying in the sky, we were amazed of seeing how freely they could move and to know that you could reach any place on earth with this ability, since then our dream had been follow them. People then tried to make this dream possible, the result in all cases was serious pain and failure after failure. A lot of time passed since the first time we dreamed of being able to fly, but we finally achived this goal. Two brothers were able to do the first flight on history, this brothers were the Wrights brothers who achived the goal of all the humankind, even know when someone thinks of airplanes they think on the Wrights brothers, because thanks to them in 1903 the world had his first flying machine. But the plane’s status changed because of time.

The porpuse of this flying machines was to achive our goal, to fly and see the world, to imitate wonderful animals such as birds, but people had never thought that they could use airplanes as a war machine. After it was invented we were so eager to seek destruction that we saw the potential of using it to kill ourselves. It all started when we saw that people on the ground were indefencseless with this new war toy. They found a lot of new uses for it for example: they used them to spy on their enemys, to know where they were heading, to make maps and startegies on what will be the most useful way of attacking them, and this was its use during the first World War. This war was fought on land not on the air as the second war.

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People didn?t knew that their dream could be their mourder. After the war ended countries started to look how to improve their new war toys, they put factories to try to make airplanes reach a higher velocity, altitutde, range etc.. There was a war between wars to see who was better, Americans made their airplanes, English tried to make their Royal Air Force the best one, Japanese wanted to make their airplanes lighter and faster, but the real winner in this war were the Germans, their airplanes could travel long range, they were easy to maniubrate and ofcourse they were able to use them for massive destruction against other countries. Thanks to airplanes the Germans were the powerful nation they were during the war. But why did Germans built better airplanes, well there were some reasons like : Germans live in a country with many mountains, people liked to fly model airplanes and make contests to see which were the best ones, from this models a lot of airplanes were constructed. Another reason was that their scientists were very ingenious, people wanted revenge from all the other countries. Their curiosity and their intelligence lead them to make the best war toys in hisotory of war.

After World War I Germans were humiliated, they burned their own money for fuel. They had nothing left, they just seeked for revenge, war has always been part of German’s culture. But another thing German’s have is that they are really smart, they dream of making things but they have a difference over all other nations, they dreams do become true, but they become true because of their intelligence and because they never give up. The versailled treatment was just like a tentation to make they come to life again, they realized to late that this treatment was not peace, it was just an intermission for the worst war ever in history, the first in where land, air and sea were involved. Logic happened the Germans broke the Versailles trateament and started to build a strong army, they used all their money for warfare, between this machines was the airplane. Airplanes were considered the most valuable arm the Germans had, with this machines they could bomb entire cities in just questions of days and then send their soldiers to finish the work making war very fast and easy to win, this concept was know as the Blitz Krieg.

Some of this airplanes were the U2 bomber and his brother, they were a two engine plane that could carry a larg number of bombs and soldiers for attack. Countries as Poland and Austria saw how easily their armys were defeated because of this new war machines that Germans were using. They didn’t realized that for fighting this mounster they had to know what they were fighting, they were fighting against not only man but against technology the new best friend of blood and war. Between the most famous nazi fighters we can find airplanes such as the Bf 109, who was an airplane designed for bombing large territories and who had a great speed for his size and a very good flight mode. Another airplane was the Fw 190, who was a combat attack planes, this were sended to protect airplanes as the Bf 109 when this was going to bomb a city.

And then at there were the best airplanes that the nazis had during the war there was just a problem they camed to late to help the German cause, this were the jet propulsed airplanes and some of the names were the Blohm und Voss BV 141 V9 and the Heinkel He162 that was an airplane designed to be flown by Hitler but that was later converted to an airplane used by all of the Luftwaffe . One of the other improvments in this war was the use of bombs designed similar to airplanes that will attack cites from far away without being detected the name of this bomb is V1 vliegende bomb. It is said that if Nazis had had the Blohm V9 and the He162 one year before they wil …