Early river civilizations had a major effect in the development of social, political, and economical development throughout ancient history. The Indus river valley civilization included the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro also the Aryans were included as a major early civilization of India. These two civilizations provided a foundation or modern India.

The Indus river valley civilization was based on farming and trade. This provided for them economically. The early cities Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, were to major cities of that time. The cities farmed barley, wheat, peas, and sesame. Before the year 2000 B.C the city was new and vibrant and was a very wealthy and social city. There were many fine homes and furnished apartments. In the year 2000 B.C the city showed signs of decay for the reason that the bricks were no longer uniform in size. The streets were of ruin and were not repaired. Also fine homes were reduced to apartments. Some major political trade towns were abandoned.
The Aryans may have also contributed to the final fatal collapse of the Indus River Valley civilization. The Indus people were probably to weak to resist new comers, which were the Aryans. The Aryans culture had religious oral traditions knows as Vedas, which included hymns, prayers, and rituals used in religious ceremonies. Men received cattle as reward when they were successful because they were both farmers and herders who move cross-northern plains. They were also divided into four classes known as Varna.

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Early river civilizations have played a major role in the development of social, political and economical structure throughout ancient history. The Aryans and Indus River valley civilizations were two of the most important civilizations in India.