In the story “Republic”, Socrates is in a house with many men surrounding him. The main point is justice. Socrates and Polemarchus are discussing what is just and unjust. Like in many stories about Socrates, He is showing someone the errors in their thinking. Polemarchus’ first definition of justice is “It is just to give to each what is owed to him”. Socrates disagrees with this and Polemarchus changes his definition. They also stated “justice is human virtue”.
I found it interesting that a group of men were gathered around Socrates, just to listen to him talk. Socrates is so challenging that many men take turns discussing the meaning of just and unjust. I also found it interesting that the men stated, ” A friend is someone who is believed to be useful”. I like this point because if a person were thought to be harmful or not beneficial in some shape or form, then they would not be considered a friend.

I found that one definition from the reading to be a bit confusing. They said,” Justice is no other than the advantage to the stronger”. I’m not sure to what this exactly means. I do disagree with some points. I do not agree with the statement “It is never just to do harm to anyone”. I do not agree with this because in some situations punishment of death or other way in which harm is done, is deserved. There are some acts in which harsh penalties are necessary for keeping order.

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