Code of Ethics
As a people, Rastafarianism is very political and race orintataed. Some of the main philosophy of Rastafarian faith is freedom of spirit, freedom from slavery, and freedom of Africa. The motto of this organization was “One God! One Aim! One Destiny! wanting to unite all of the people of African ancestry of the world into one great body to establish a country and Government absolutely their own. To the list of objectives of the association is as follows.

1. To promote the spirit of race, pride and love
2. To administer and to assist the needy
3. To reclaim the fallen of the race
4. To establish universities, colleges and secondary schools for the further education and culture of the boys and girls of the race.

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5. To conduct a worldwide commercial and industrial intercourse.

When Rastafarianism first started in the 30s, most of its members were male. Traditionally, Women have played a very small role in Rastafarianism. Today women have a more outward in teaching and purifying of the religion. One concept that Rastafarians have in common with other religions is that homosexuality is seen as a sin. Some say that they almost do this to an extreme because of their persecution of homosexuals among Rastas and non Rastas alike.

The diet of the Rastafarian is vegetarian for the most part they refer to it as I’tal food. It is food that never touches chemicals and is completely natural or as we call it organic. If a person of Rastafarian belief must eat meat it can’t be pork, and if at all possible consist of fish, except crab, shrimp, or lobster as these spices are considered scavengers.

Today Rastafarians live as quasi groups and individuals who remain independent despite their sharing of core beliefs. They reside in bush camps ruled by an elder. These camps are segregated by sex and resemble monasteries. Today we see different streams of Rastafarians and their religion isn’t written down so much as it is lived.