Racial Equality In America

.. hese laws to be interpreted so African-Americans are indeed getting jobs because of their race. If someone is getting a job because they can perform it better than anyone else, then they deserve to get it, regardless of race. No one, however, deserves to get or lose a job because of their race. Any court that rules only after considering the racial implications is not just, despite the trust many have placed in the judicial system.

Justice is supposed to be blind. Another place where laws have impacted racial equality today is in the entertainment industry. It seems that people can say just about whatever they wish in the movies and in music today. If you examine this a little closer, however, you will see that it is a rather one-sided freedom. It is made very clear what can and cant be said by a white person in the movies or in music today. There are very definite barriers, especially regarding racial issues. If a person chooses to cross them, there can be serious implications to that. Not only could a person lose their job, but they could be labeled a racist and be subject to slander and other forms of hatred also.

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They could even be subject to laws that they may have broken in the process. This, however is not a problem. No person should be able to say derogatory things about another person, especially another race. The problem comes in when African-Americans can say whatever they please, and the worst thing that the law will do to them is maybe put a parental advisory sticker on their CD, or rate their movie R. Many people may believe that African-Americans deserve to speak as they please about whites after the treatment they received in the past.

This is not possible, however, if we are to conserve racial equality in this country. No person should be allowed special privileges over another person because of race. No one should be able to say things that another person cannot. Because of these types of laws and justice, African-Americans have been given advantages in America to which whites have no equivalent. A final reason African-Americans have an advantage over whites in the United States today has to do with racial supremacy groups.

There are a great deal of organizations in America looking to advance their race in the country. Undoubtedly these groups are not good for the standing of racial equality in this country. The issue here lies in how these groups are viewed by the public. There are not many people who look at white supremacy groups, such as the KKK, in a good light. Black and white people alike tend to not support, and possibly even rally against these groups.

These actions are good for racial equality in this country. The problem occurs when black supremacy groups do not meet this same kind of resistance. Several years ago, a rally took place in Washington, DC called the Million Man March. This march included many thousands of black men and leaders from around the world. One must wonder what the intent of this demonstration was.

Without a doubt, the advancement of the African-American race in America was one of its objectives. It should be expected that since these peoples goal was racial supremacy, many would feel that the rally was immoral. This was not the case, however, as many people were indifferent to the idea. The media, in fact, even covered this demonstration in a supportive nature. News anchors made people believe that there was no problem with this march, despite their intentions.

Because of this support, many people across the country were led to believe that the march was for a reasonable cause when this is not the case. Also, no one seriously attempted to stop this march, probably because they believed that they would not win a court battle. The court system tended to accept this kind of action as a Constitutional right, which it is. Amendment One includes the right to peaceful assembly. With their intentions, however, perhaps it should not be allowed so indiscriminately.

No one should have the right to rally for racial supremacy. Many courts and citizens believe that because the Constitution allows freedom of peaceful assembly, people should be able to take actions like the Million Man March without discretion. These people apparently dont realize that racial equality is what leads to peace, and anything else leads to discord. Just because this assembly was not directly violent does not mean it was peaceful. In fact, it was far from peaceful. In addition to this, many employers allowed African-American workers to take time off for this march, even supporting it.

They of course should be able to take time off as they please. The problem is that many blacks received special treatment, such as additional vacation time, so they could attend this event. This is an acceptable action by employers, just so long as they would give the same treatment to a white employee who wished to attend a white supremacy march. Intuition would tell one that this is not going to be the case. This is clearly evidence that many people in this country are either terribly ignorant and cannot see the mission of rallies like the Million Man March, or support an African-American attempt at racial domination. Some people believe that black people deserve this special treatment because of their troubled past. This is certainly neither fair nor equal.

A white person should not receive special treatment with bad intentions like that, but neither should African-Americans. Actions like these by the media, the courts, and the workplace, as well as carelessness by many people, are more reasons why African-Americans are better off than white people in todays world. Despite the past hardships African-Americans have endured in this country, todays people cannot allow their troubled past to influence racial equality in the United States. Everything this country has gained in the last century is in jeopardy if racial equality cannot be maintained. This country has worked through the dark times of slavery and racism to get to where we are today, and we cannot allow our great nation to slip back into an equality depression. The cost would be great if people began to believe that one race is better than another, and so the entertainment industry, the workplace, and the court systems of America must be contained before they instill these values in Americas people. Nobody had a choice of what color to be or what to look like when they were born, and racial equality is a reflection of that.

Legislators and citizens alike must keep in mind our nations goal of racial equality, and not lose sight of that goal by making and following foolish laws. Certainly African-Americans have suffered greatly in the past, however, we must not continue to make things easier for blacks at the expense of whites today. Despite the popular belief that blacks deserve reparations for their past treatment, our country cannot and should not afford them special treatment on account of the past. Now is a new era of life in the United States, and a new chance to fix the mistakes we have made in the past. We must not make these same mistakes twice, as that would be devastating to the future of our country. The greatest nation of the future will be the fairest nation, and if the United States is to maintain its greatness, then it must first achieve racial equality.