Public Vs Private University

Public vs. Private University Searching for the right college or university can be a long and painful process. There are undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands of colleges to review. In deciding on a college, you may take in a count the city, the state, and the status of the college or university. But the crucial decision in determining a college or university is if you want to attend a college or a university.

Also you must decide if it should be a public or private one. In this essay, I will examine the differences and the similarities of a private and a public university. Private and public universities have many similarities and differences. Starting in admissions, both kinds of universities have similar minimum high school course, standardized test, and class rank requirements for applicants. Applications for enrollment to public universities exceed private universities. When it comes to acceptance, private universities have a higher rate than public universities due to the overcrowding on public campuses. On the cost of going to a university, private campuses are very expensive compared to the public universities. This cost is said to finance better facilities and staff, but you can argue that public campuses have as good if not better facilities and staff also. The scholarships available to pay for the cost in both kinds of universities are more or less the same.

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On transfer admissions, both are more or less the same. But on the units transferable, public universities are superior because it is transferable in all public universities within the state. One private university units may not be excepted at another. Transferable units are very useful in case you decide to transfer an another university. The undergraduate programs for both kinds of universities are more or less the same. Both kinds have certain specialize undergraduate programs that are very competitive and very hard to get in.

Also the graduate programs for both are more or less the same, but both are competitive and very demanding. The alumni connection is much better at private universities than public ones. This connection can be helpful because it can help you find a job or intern in a certain corporation. Deciding on a college or university involves deciding on all the factors available. This essay is the tip of the iceberg when deciding on a college. I hope this essay helped explain a little more to you about private and public universities. July 12, 1998 English 1A.