Public School Licensing

.. ed accrediting agency as defined by department rule and regulation. (m) A current financial statement prepared or audited by a certified public accountant. Section 7. Term and Renewal of License.

The following provisions shall govern the term, conditions, and renewal of license: (a) The license granted to a post secondary education institution will be valid for a period of five years measured from the first day of July preceding the date on which the license is issued. (b) During the term of the license, the licensee shall provide annual update information concerning all items in Section 6 above on the form prescribed from by the Department. c) A licensee may, upon 30 days written notice, be required to provide to the Department updated information concerning all items in Section 6 above as well as any other information the Department may request, either by a standardized renewal application form or specific request to an individual licensee. (d) The Department will assess an annual fee to each licensee in connection with the submission of annual update information. The amount of the fee shall be included in the form. Section 8.

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Minimum Standards. The post secondary education institution must comply with the requirements listed below and is subject to periodic monitoring by the Department: (a) Retain on file all items requested in Section 6. (b) Provide adequate space, equipment, instructional material and instructional personnel to provide academic instruction commensurate with course offerings. (c) Ensure that administrative and instructional staff meet appropriate education and experience qualifications to assure that students will receive educational services consistent with the stated objectives for which the educational services were offered. (d) Define the minimum grades considered satisfactory, conditions for interruption due to unsatisfactory progress, descriptions of probationary periods if any, and conditions for re-entrance for those students dismissed for unsatisfactory progress. (e) Comply with all city, county, state, and federal regulations pertaining to post secondary education institution.

(f) Utilize no advertising which tends to mislead students or falsify information regarding job placement or accreditation. If a post secondary education institution wishes to refer to the fact that it is licensed in “the State of Wyoming,” it shall refer to the fact only in the following phraseology: “Licensed by the State of Wyoming under W.S. 21-2-401 through 21-2-407.” (g) Award no degree, earned or honorary, granted solely on the basis of payment of tuition or fee. No degree may be given, awarded, or granted solely on the basis of credit earned at another school or schools, on the basis of credit for life experience or other equivalency, on the basis of testing out, on the basis of research and writing, or solely on the basis of any combination of these factors. (h) Have or employ no owners, administrators, directors, and instructors who have been convicted of a felony or high misdemeanor pertaining to fraud, sexual assault, child abuse, or other job-related reprehensible conduct in accordance with W.S.

21-2-403. (i) Cooperate in the scheduling and conduct of an on-site visit to the principal place of business of the institution by a representative of the Department, in accordance with the following: (i) The on-site visit shall be conducted not less frequently than every three years and may be conducted more frequently if requested by the Department. (ii) The reasonable and proper expense of all on-site visits shall be borne by the institution visited. The expense shall include the reasonable and proper expenses of the Departments representative and the per diem rate consistent with travel policies adopted by the State of Wyoming. (iii) Payment of expenses relating to visitation within thirty (30) days of presentation shall be made by that institution. Failure to make such payment when due shall constitute grounds for immediate denial, suspension or revocation of the license relating to the institution visited.

(iv) Written findings concerning the inspection of the institutions principal place of business shall be submitted to the institution visited and to the Board within thirty (30) days. Section 9. Refund Policy. All post secondary education institutions licensed by the Department will utilize a refund policy that parallels refund policies recommended by the United States Department of Education. Section 10. Conflict Resolution Policy.

The Department shall process complaints by students of post secondary education institutions licensed by the Department as follows: (a) All complaints shall be submitted to the Department in writing and signed by the complainant. Such complaints shall set forth with reasonable clarity and completeness the facts upon which the complaint is based as well as the precise nature of the relief sought by the complainant. (b) Upon receipt of a complaint, the Department shall advise the post secondary education institution of the complaint, shall enclose a copy of the letter of complaint and shall request that the institution respond to the charges within ten (10) days. (c) A copy of the institutions letter of response is then forwarded to the complainant. If, after reviewing the response, the complainant wishes to pursue the complaint, an investigation shall be conducted by a representative of the Department.

(d) Upon completion of its investigation, the Department may do one or more of the following: (i) Recommend terms of resolution to the appropriate party/parties. (ii) Dismiss the complaint if it finds the complaint not to be warranted. (iii) Forward the complaint to the Attorney General for further action under the consumer protection laws in existence at that time in Wyoming. (e) The Department shall keep on file for each licensed institution each complaint received, the records obtained during any investigation by the Department and any documents pertaining to action taken by the Department or informal resolution reached between the complaining party and the institution. The complaint file for each institution shall be retained for at least five (5) years.

(f) The board may take into account the history of complaints against a licensed institution as well as the history of resolution of those complaints when making determinations concerning the issuance, renewal, suspension or revocation of any license. Section 11. Suspension and Revocation of License. Subject to the requirements of the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act, the Board may immediately suspend or revoke the license of any institution which fails to correct any violation of the licensing statues or these rules and regulations after being given thirty (30) days written notice by the Department of the nature of the violation and the action required to correct it. Written notice of a violation shall be deemed given three days after first class mailing by the department to the licensees most current address on file with the Department.