PSAT 2 Vocabulary Study Sheet

1. palliate(v)to ease pain; to make less guilty or offensive
2. ambivalence(n)the state of having contradictory or
conflicting emotions
3. maxim(n)proverb
4. obstinate(adj)not yielding to reason; stubborn, dogged
5. condone(v)to forgive, pardon, or overlook
6. disdain(adj) to regard as unworthy; to refuse with scorn
7. repudiate(v) to refuse to accept or acknowledge
8. respite(n)interval of relief, rest
9. elegiac(adj) sad, mournful
10.idiosyncratic(adj) private; peculiar to an individual
11.prolific(adj) abundantly fruitful
12.plastic(adj) flexible, changing
13.immutable(adj)never changing
14.static(adj)not moving, stationary
15.interpid(adj) fearless
16.renegade(n)a person who abandons a religion, party, or movement
17.daunt(v) to intimidate
18.emulate(v)to imitate
19.mitigate(v)to appease
20.ubiquitous(adj)being everywhere, omnipresent
22.retucent(adj) silent, uncommunicative
23.taciturn(adj) talking little, habitually
24.mire(v) to entangle; to stick in swampy ground
26. prodigal(adj)wasteful, reckless with money
27.debunk(v)to expose false claims
28.sovereign(n) a person who possess authority; monarch or ruler
29.herald(v)to introduce, announce
30.didmiss(v)to send away
31.defiant(adj) openly resisting
33.articulation(n)utterance, way of speaking
35.patronize(v) to be helpful but in a snobbish manner
36.sordid(adj)dirty, filthy
37.poignant(adj) keen, piercing, severe
38.nostalgia(n) homesickness, longing for the past
39.espouse(v)to support, advocate
40.subside(v)to settle, become less active
41.incite(v)to urge to action
42.scurry(v)to run hastily, to scamper
43.eulogy(n)high praise
44.laudatory(adj)expressing praise, commendation
45.epigram(n)a terse, witty statement
46.tirade(n)a long vehement speech, denunciation
47.obdurate(adj) stubborn
48.turbid(adj)a long vehement speech, denunciation
49.obduarte(adj) stubborn
51.charlatan(n) quack, pretender of knowledge
52.flagrant(adj) notorious, outrageous
53.venerable(adj)deserving high respect
54.actrminy(n)bitterness of temper, manner, or speech
55.scuffle(v)to fight or struggle
56.sumptuous(adj)costly, lavish
57.eminent(adj) lofty, exalted, noteworthy
58.piert(n) devotion to religious duties
59.advocate(v)to support; to be in flavor
60.sectarian(adj)narrow-minded, limited
61.encroach(v)to trespass, intrude
62.endemic(adj) native to a region
63.perilous(adj) involving risk, dangerous
64.fallow(adj)left uncultivated; untrained, inactive(as said of the
65.axiom(n) self-evident truth requiring no proof
66.abdicate(v)to renounce, give-up