Protons Weighing Tons And 500 Light Years Per Second

Protons Weighing Tons And 500 Light Years Per Second The source is a nine volt battery. I’m creating energy by using light pulse transformers..columns of light pulse transformers..The timing is so that the base wire is a constant current.The columns of the light pulse transformers are in a circle all going to the same base wire. They fire like timed pistons in a car engine and are timed by previous pulses heading toward it. Each pulse travels through previous light pulse transformers to get to the last light pulse transformer to reach the base wire and the stepping is the same values, say 10 units of step 10’s in each column which would make 10,000,000,000 amps(10 to the 10th). Or say 100 units of step 100’s in each column in which each unit is two loops wrapped around 200 loops.

That would be 100 to the 100th power of amps..way bigger than the number of atoms in the earth!!!!!!!! It steps the current way up. The battery only has to pulse a little energy every few seconds. An identical machine steps voltage way up. When together a nine volt battery is turned into incredible electricity. But step 1 to 1’s are necessary to make them pulse in order. Also, the next column is more step ones than the previous, and the tops of these columns are all started all at once.

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When the shortest column finishes, they are all started again. To make THIS possible, the battery pulse is followed by a number of sequence pulsers equal to the number of pulsers in the shortest column. With the step 1 to 1,s and other steps, like 1 to 100’s the current and voltage are huge and constant and together, making (or using 1000,000 to the 1,000,000 by 1,000,000,000,000 millions transisters) incredible electricity. Then i’m using that to make a powerful particle accelerator. The integrater(current adder)puts the signal in a circuler path and keeps integrating it making it go e’ to the x.with an ln1,000,000 signal it increases with 1,000,000 as the base.

The signals next to each other multiply. Also integrating(adding) current of inverse creates ln(x)’s. Inverting is done by forcing two signals to make a working current equal a constant. With these tools it’s possible to control particle and light accelerators. Also, ln of a variable instead of a number makes x to the x power.

Add one to lnx and multiply by three x to the x’s next to each other. The 1,000,000(x to the(3 times x)). That should wip it to way past light speed in seconds. The tons of circling +protons or electrons are pushed toward a center magnet. That attracting magnet accelerates them without timing.. just by force.

Also by syncronizing a light source with powerful magnets by letting the source control the magents too, i’m curving light in a vacuum and accelerating it thereby busting into other dimensions. Also fusion is definitely possible with this..from hydrogen directly to iron in one thousandth of a second. A star’s work in 2,000,000,000 years The resulting light can be repelled by a syncronizer that collects the light, lets light change the magnetic force, and emits it so the syncronized light is repelled by the magnets. The iron plates and chambers are magnetically erect to prevent melting. The protons and electrons are so massive, the energy is huge. Also, the protons are above the speed of light and on collision brake and release incredible energy especially with their mass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you first turn the current on and then turn the voltage on the current’s exponent will multiply by three.

Also you can pulse powerful pulsers into the beginning pulser and the current will increase greatly..if you used only 4/1000th mm. wide wire, a a two minutes it could be 1,000,000,000 to the 1,000,000th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also attached machines greatly improve the energy creation rate. Also a magnetic pulser with a funnel-shaped magnet will speed protons up at one end and slow them down at the other making the mass bigger at the front end(speed increases mass by Einsteinium physics) and making a high frequency of back and forth’s with the average thrust being forward. Or just releasing the 1,000,000-ton protons or just the light. Also a g-force canceler is made by a disc within a disc. Acceleration will make you learch backward.

The outer disc swinging to and from will cancel some of the vector and make sideways vectors of learches. The inner disc will cancel the side vectors and the rest of the acceleration vector. A ball in the middle is a way to make Earth vectors. To protect the ship from g-force, thin plates of iron magnetically erect by huge current as in 1,000,000 to the 3,000,000th amps and volts are 1,000,000 to the 1,000,000th. This is done by letting the current multiply THEN the voltage so the current’s exponent multiplies by three. Bibliography talking at age 7 working on physics at age 11 working on calculas three at age 14 working on inventions at 8-29 years old Physics.