Pros And Cons Of Having Hands In The Pokets

Pros and Cons Of having Hands in the Pokets Let American Consumer Counseling Help you Get Out of Debt! Pros and Cons Of having Hands in the Pokets There are far more pros for students having their hands in their pockets. Nevertheless lets look at the comparisons and weigh up the results of the two anyway. Lets look at the cons to start with.

The main con is that Mr Pinto is against students having hands in their pockets. Still why is Mr Pinto against hands in pockets? As he has explained he feels that it is disrespectful, for he believes that when your hands are in your pockets you are not listening properly. Also there is the belief of the nineteen sixties and seventies that when young men or women have their hands in their pockets it will lead to them masturbating.

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This was frowned upon at the time whereas now it is more acceptable. This may also be a contributing factor to why Mr pinto has made a stand against hands in the pockets. For he is old enough to have lived through and taken in these rudimentary views (no disrespect intended). However the pros can easily rebut the allegation of the Cons. Young men as energetic as they will be are constantly requiring to do something.

Think of the pockets as a restraining device to prevent fidgeting and fooling around with other students. In this way the pockets prevent students from being distracted from the speaker or the subject they should be observant of.This prevents the students from having a disrespectful response. Then comes the comfort factor. Students claim that it is more comfortable to have their hands in their pockets when they are standing up.

Heed that it is proven that people have longer attention spans, listen more attentively, and remain calmer and more relaxed when more comfortable. This leads to a greater increase in the productivity of the students actions or listening skills. As it has been proven Students having their hands in their pockets will make them better and more attentive listeners and prevent them from getting up to mischief.Is better the students have their hands in their own pockets than be fooling around in someone elses.