Project 2 Cases 2

Project 2 Cases 2 Project 2 Cases 2 There are several features in Microsoft Word 2000 that makes document making simple. With features like Automatic Spell Checking, that places a red wavy line under the word that is misspelled automatically. Auto Correct, which automatically corrects commonly, made mistakes that are predetermined in Word. Inserting Clip Art adds graphics and/or pictures to make your document look better. These are just a few of the features in Word that makes document making less challenging.

The Automatic Spell Checker checks your document while your typing it for possible spelling and grammar errors. If a word you have typed in is misspelled a red wavy line under the word that is misspelled. If there a grammar error there will be a green wavy line under the grammar error. To fix the error simply right click the wavy line and depending on the severity of the error there will be from one to a few choices to correct the error. If the word isn’t misspelled and it still shows up with a red wavy line under it, you can simply right click the line and choose the add selection and it will add the word into the Word library.

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Another feature in the Automatic Spell Checker is the Auto Correct {insert note here} Inserting Clip Art allows you to brighten up your documents with graphics. the clip art files contains photographs, sounds, and video clips that you can insert into your document. Clip Art is located in the Clip Gallery which contains a collection of clips, separated into sub categories such as. Favorites, academics, animals, backgrounds, borders & frames, buildings, business, button & icons, cartoons, communications, dividers & decor, downloaded clips, emotions, entertainment, flags, food & dining, gestures, government, healthcare & medicine, home & family, household, industry, lost & found, maps, metaphors, music, nature, navigation controls, office, people, people at work, photographs, places, plants, religions, science and technology, seasons, shapes, signs, special occasions, sports & leisure, symbols, transportations, travel, weather, web banners, web dividers, and web elements. Microsoft Word 2000’s features are extremely helpful and allow you to make documents simple and easy.

Automatic Spell Checking is extremely convenient allowing you to fix your spelling errors while you are typing your document. Instead of some other word processing programs spell checkers which have you go to the menu to perform a spell check. Inserting Clip Art into your documents makes documents look more professional and livelier. These features in Microsoft Word are excellent features that allow users of Word to process documents easily and efficiently. Computers and Internet.