ProgressIt started with pureness, then became sin.It didn’t matter to people, they didn’t follow.Ignorance, immorality, we just got worse.Until, one day He made a rainbow. It started all over again. Now people had to care. If they kept up their bad habits, they knew their future.

So onward we went, our intelligence grew.Aristotle to Copernicus, I thought we were the center!?Then Kepler wrote Harmony of the Spheres. I didn’t read it. Did you?But Newton it was who discovered Kepler’s three laws.How are things put in orbit? No one really cares.

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We keep getting smarter but does anyone notice?It’s taken for granted, I think I’ll live. Einstein arrived with his crazy ideas.I forgot, what are they again?Humans progressed to things they could never imagine.We landed on the moon, but do your remember when?Now we’re here with electronics and computers.

Everything is digital. No one seems to care.Not many appreciate the progress that has led us here.But when will it start all over again?-James Hanson(Please use this poem only as a reference. Thanks.)Poetry Essays