Princess Bride

Princess Bride The book starts with explaining Buttercups parents. Her mother nice and sweet, but she often got after her husband for small insignificant things.

Her father shuddered at his wife’s voice, a hard worker and loving father. They are both talking when they see a huge procession of horses and guards heading towards their home. At first the assume it was their neighbors but then the crowd was past all their neighbors houses and land and going straight towards them. The mother shrieks at her husband that he forgot to pay the taxes and that they were going to be locked up for the rest of their lives and it was all his fault.When the procession arrives out comes the Count and Countess from their carriage.

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The Count automatically notices Buttercup’s beauty and the Countess notices Wesley, his muscles and how young and handsome he is. The Count and Countess say they are interested in how the father raises the cows and feeds them. Because his cows are the best in the land. When they finally leave, the Count tells the Prince about the most beautiful woman in the Village and the Prince is immediately impressed. So one day while Buttercup is out riding her horse, whom she named “Horse,” she was approached by the Prince. He told her how beautiful she was and that he wanted to court her and then marry her.She was not impressed, and rode off, she did not know it was the Prince. Yes her and Wesley did fall in love, it was him always bending to her every whim, we all know the famous, “As you wish.

.” There are some very outstanding differences between the book and the movie though, they kiss and they plan to be wed. But Wesley wants to earn money for his family and wife so he got on a ship and sailed away, he said he would send word as soon as possible. Then when he had enough he would send her a ticket to come be with him. Then he was gone.

Buttercup then recived word that the ship he was on had been over throne by the Dread Pirate Roberts, who does not take any prisoners. So she knew her beloved Wesley was no more. She locks herself in her room and cries and cries, she is in there for 3 days if I remember right. When she comes out her parents are eating dinner and she tells them how much she misses Wesley and that she will never love again. She does consent to marring the Prince Humperdink.

Who only wants to marry her so he can kill her to start a war. The book describes how he is a great hunter, and how the Count is really into torture. Their was place they had called the zoo, four levels of animals for the Price to hunt. But the fourth and final level, the bottom one, was empty it was for the hardest and most deadly animal of them all. The keeper of the Zoo was an Albino male, he never really talked, but went about his business and never bothered a soul.Well she goes riding one day which is exactly like the movie she is stopped by three men, very odd looking men.

Who say they are from the circus and they are lost. They kidnap her and they tear a piece off of a uniform from an officer of Gilder. They get on a boat and go to the cliff of insanity where the murder will take place.

On the boat she jumps into the water and tries to swim away, when Vincinni threatens to prick his finger which will drive the man eating eels crazy. Which will then kill her.They see a ship behind them it is Wesley. It gains on them and they begin to climb the cliffs. It is exactly like the movie in all the fight scenes. The book goes along the movie until he gets put into the Zoo. In the zoo Inigo Montoya and the giant work there way through the zoo till they get to the forth level where they find Wesley lying there dead.

They take his dead body to a miracle worker who after much persuasion finely agrees to heal Wesley. He gets healed, they go to he Castle save the Princess and Inigo fights the six fingered man and they ride off into the night and Wesley and Buttercup kiss, it was not just any kiss it was the kiss. Then they all live happily ever after.