Presidents cabinet

Department of Treasury – Secretary John Snow
1. The purpose of the Dept. of Treasury is to help conditions for prosperity and stability in the United States, and to also help the rest of the world.

The Department of Treasury manages federal finances. Treasury collects taxes, and collects debt from countries, as well as pay off the US debt. The currency, stamps, and coins are made by the Treasury. Not only do they enforce finance and tax laws, but they investigate and persecute tax evaders, forgers, and counterfeiters.

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Department of Labor – Secretary Elaine Chao
The purpose of the Department of Labor is to maintain the welfare of job seekers, wage earners, and retirees in the United States.
They improve working conditions, increasing profitable employment. The department of Labor protects retirement and health care benefits. They help employers find workers. Also, they measure other economic factors.

Department of Transportation – Norman Y. Mineta
The purpose of the Department of Transportation is to make sure that the citizens of the United States have a system of transportation that is efficient, safe, and fast. It needs to be easily accessible, and convenient.

The situations that the Department of Transportation deals with are airplanes, highways, trains, and other forms of mass transportation of civilians.

Department of Education – Margaret Spellings
The purpose of the Department of Education is to make education equally accessible, and to help students become excellent students.

This department deals with stopping discrimination, collecting data on American schools, and also funding financial aid for education.

Department of Justice – Alberto Gonzales
The purpose of the Department of Justice is to enforce laws. They punish people who break the laws of The United States.

The department of Justice takes care of criminals, immigrants, and interprets the Constitution fairly and effectively.

Department of Interior – Gale Norton
The Department of Interior is the United States’ main conservation agency. Their purpose is to protect nature, and preserve US land marks.

The department manages 504 million acres of land, 471 dams, and 348 reservoirs. They take care of U.S. energy needs, Native American lands and needs, and recreational and cultural opportunities.

Department of Housing ; Urban Development – Alphonso Jackson
The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s purpose is to help more people become homeowners. They are to support the development of the community, and to make houses affordable, regardless of sex, race, creed, etc.

The department deals with increasing homeownership, supporting community development, and increasing affordable housing, free of discrimination.

Department of State – Condoleezza Rice
The Department of State’s purpose is to create a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world to benefit American people and the international community.

The department creates new relationships with different countries around the world. They do this by strengthening old alliances, and making new ones. They protect our nation by taking care of radical groups, global terrorism, international crime, and are also trying to combat HIV/AIDS.

Department of Energy – Samuel W. Bodman
The mission of the Department of Energy is to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States.

The department has a part in defending our nation with the technology it creates. They also provide some of the best scientific research in the world. Other things they have a part in is protecting the environment, and finding new sources of energy.

Department of Health and Human Services – Michael O. Leavitt
The department of Health and Human Services is the United States’ main agency for protecting the health of all American citizens.

The department has programs that help them achieve the goal of protecting Americans’ health. These programs touch on Health and social science research, preventing disease, making foods and drugs safe, Medicare, and other health issues.

Department of Commerce – Carlos Gutierrez
The mission of the department of commerce is to create economic growth and opportunities.

The department of commerce provides the U.S. with the information and tools that are needed to create competitiveness and economic growth. They observe, protect, and manage the Earth’s resources.

Department of Agriculture – Mike Johanns
The department of Agriculture is meant to provide leadership in the areas of food, agriculture, and natural resources.