Plant Growth Lab Report

Plant Growth Lab Report Plant Growth Ashton Abernethy Observation: Which Plant will grow better? The one in normal sunlight or the one in artificial sunlight? Hypothesis: The one in normal sunlight will grow better Materials: 4 bean seedlings of equal size 4 pots of equal size Potting soil Water Green Light Red Light Procedure: 1. Gather Materials 2. Pot the bean seedlings 3. Put one seedling in a window, another under a red light, another under a green light, and the other in total darkness 4. Water them each the same amount 5.

Measure the seedlings everyday for 5 days Results: See graph on other page Analysis: My analysis of the experiment was that the plant under red light grew the best. The one in the window grew the 2nd best, and the ones under the green light and in total darkness died. Conclusion: My hypothesis was incorrect. The plant under the red light grew better than the one under the normal sunlight. 1. No, the data did not support the researcher’s hypothesis because the researcher guessed that the window plant would grow better but it didn’t.

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2. It was important to record each seedlings initial height because then you know for sure which one grew the most. 3. It is important for each seedling to get the same amount of water because then you would have 2 variables. A project should only have 1 variable. 4.

The researcher could conclude that plants do not grow good in darkness or under green light. 5. Plant A, the one in the window, would be the control Science.