[pic] [pic]Name: Cecilia LiDate: 2004-1-20Course: Media ManagementSummary of Viacom[pic]??Viacom is a leading global media company, with preeminent positionsin broadcast and cable television, radio, outdoor advertising and online.Viacom is a diversified global entertainment company, with operationsin motion picture distribution, television programming, home video rentaland retailing, theme parks and publishing.Specifically, Viacom operatesMTV: Music Television, Showtime, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, VH1: MusicFirst, TV Land and 18 broadcast televisions stations. Viacom also operatesParamount Pictures, Paramount Television, 80%-owned Spelling Entertainment,Paramount Parks, Blockbuster and Simon & Schuster.

Summary of Sony CorporationFounded in 1946, Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio,video, communications, and information technology products for the consumerand professional markets. Its music, motion picture, television, computerentertainment, and online businesses makeSonyoneofthemostcomprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sonyhas1,068consolidated subsidiaries worldwide. Sony Corporation of America, based inNew York City, is the U.S. subsidiary of Sony Corporation, headquartered inTokyo.

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Sony’s principal U.S. businesses include Sony Electronics Inc., SonyPictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and Sony ComputerEntertainment America Inc. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of over$56.

9 billion for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2002, and it employs168,000 people worldwide. It is a publicly held company, with shares listedon 16 stock exchanges worldwide, including Tokyo, New York and London.Sony has an interest in many forms of data storage, including magnetictape and optical disc drives and media. INSIC’s primary contact is withSony Electronics’ business development unit for data recording medialocated in Boulder, Colorado. This group is responsible for the developmentof technical and business relationships in the U.S. that deal with theimplementation of advanced recording technologies.

Similarities:1. Based on small or family businessThese two media kingdoms are both set up on the basis of small-scale familycompany. Viacom was carved out from the cinema company and Sony co. basedon some small electronic products.2. brand-extension decision and human resourcesTo these two great company groups,?it means creating good content toinsist on their brand attitudes. It is essential to attract and keep thetalent with innovative ability. Sumner Redstore and the CEO of Sony bothhave a stable administrative staff’s team.

3. Get hold of the opportunity to exploit the oversea marketViacom and Sony Co. are both commit itself to open up the overseamarket. They all had taken aim at Asia or Europe countries.4. MergeTheir most important development is depended on merging other largecompanies. As a result of perpetual mergingactivities,theycanconsolidate one’s own staple.

5. New technologySony and Viacom both pay attention to the new technologies .They putout the service of wide band almost at the same time/Difference1. Different market and targetViacom’s products almost are film, Television and broadcast such asParamount Pictures, CBS and Nickelodeon.Sony Corporation focus on Electronicsandcommunicationsandinformation technology products.

2. Different patternsViacom’s pattern is depended on its content while Sony pattern throughthe channel. For example, in China, Viacom opened out diversiform programsand Sony bought some small companies to keep his legs.3. Different characteristicsRedstone is ardor with pioneer spirit while Sony’s leader is level-headed and develops step by step. These characteristics are incarnated intheir own company’s strategy.


My product will be a new Nokia Mobile Phone that contains the new followingfeatures: .

T.V. + Cable, and an Antenna . Video recorder . Tape player . CD player .

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New Games . 2 Speakers on both sides of the phone . Headset + Remote control . Videotape + CD holder . A Stand at the back of the mobile . 3D Graphics . GPS (Global Positioning System)This Mobile phone still contains all the other features the Nokia phoneshave now like MMS, Bluetooth, Radio, Voice recorder etc.

.. The new featureswill be highly advanced and useful for consumers.The T.V will have 50 channels from music videos to movies and News; therewill also be Arabic channels and Indian channels.

To get cable there will be a small chip (card) that will be inserted in theback of the phone. This chip will connect to the satellite dish that youhave at home, even if your outdoors it will still connect. But if you don’thave a satellite dish it will not connect. There will be new minivideotapes, and mini Cds the size of a dirham, these will be sold at videoand music stores everywhere in Dubai. The Videos will be sold for 60 dhseach and Cds for 65dhs each.

There will be a wide selection of movieswithin these new inventions.New games like “The Simpsons” and “The Hulk” will be in this mobile, if youwant more games you can buy from Game Shops anywhere they will have themini Cds that will be sold for 55 Dhs each.On each side of the phone there will be 2 speakers to hear from; headsetswill come with the phone as well as a remote control. The video tape and Cdholder will be one side of the phone. The Stand at the back of the mobilewill keep the phone up in any position you want, so you can lay back andwatch T.V.Wallpapers will have 3D graphics, where the wallpaper pops out in yourface, glasses free.

The use of the Global Positioning system is very usefulto the consumers especially tourists. This feature is a map that will guideyou to anywhere in the country, it is very helpful. The physical featuresof the phone will come in many different colors like Red, Pink, Green,Blue, Black, White, Purple and Orange. It also has designed phones coversas well.

Plain colored covers will cost 95dhs and designed colored coverswill cost 100dhs.So with all these features the phone will cost 6,000 Dhs, obviously this isnot a cheap mobile including the cost of the videotapes and cds. Soconsumers would have to be quite well off to afford this Mobile Phone.I think this mobile would be successful because a lot of people like tohave the latest mobile out and this would be the hottest thing ever!Done By: Sara Al-AliGrade: 12G


Must See Rating: picpicpicpic/picpicpicpicpic Film ReviewByJian YuIn a time when so few motion pictures leave an impact, Fight Clubrefuses to be ignored or dismissed. The experience lingers, demanding to bepondered and considered, and, unlike most of the modern-day thrillers,there is a great deal here to think about and argue over. Fight Clubpresents an overload of thought-provoking material that works on so manylevels as to offer grist for the mills of thousands of reviews, featurearticles, and post-screening conversations.Pre-release interest in Fight Club was understandably high, primarilybecause of those involved with the project. Jim Uhls’ script is based on aninfluential novel by Chuck Palahniuk.The lead actor is the ever-popular Brad Pitt, who makes his strongestbid to date to shed his pretty boy image and don the mantle of a seriousthespian. Those dubious about Pitt’s ability to pull this off in the wakeof his attempts in movies such as Seven Years In Tibet and Meet Joe Blackwill suffer a change of heart after seeing this film.

Pitt’s male co-starand the protagonist, Ed Norton, is widely recognized as one of the mostintelligent and versatile performers of his generation. Furthermore, FightClub’s director, David Fincher, has already made a huge impression on movie-goers with only three movies to his credit: Alien 3, Seven (starring Pitt),and The Game.The film begins by introducing us to our narrator and the protagonist,Jack, who is brilliantly portrayed by Norton. In Fight Club, the actor fitsperfectly into the part of a cynical but mild-mannered employee of a majorautomobile manufacturer who is suffering from a bout of insomnia. When hevisits his doctor for a remedy, the disinterested physician tells him tostop whining and visit a support group for testicular cancer survivors ifhe wants to meet people who really have problems.

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So Jack does exactly that- and discovers that interacting with these victims gives him an emotionalrelease that allows him to sleep. Soon, he is addicted to attending supportgroup meetings, and has one lined up for each night of the week. That’swhere he meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), another “faker.” UnlikeJack, however, she attends purely for the voyeuristic entertainment value.On what can be described as the worst day of his life (an airlineloses his luggage and his apartment unit explodes, destroying all of hispossessions), Jack meets the flamboyant Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a soapsalesman with an unconventional view of life. Since Jack is in need of aplace to live, Tyler invites him to move in, and the two share a”dilapidated house in a toxic waste part of town.

” Tyler teaches Jacklessons about freedom and empowerment, and the two begin to physicallyfight each other as a means of release and rebirth. Soon, others find outabout this unique form of therapy, and Fight Club is born – an undergroundorganization (whose first and second rules are: “You do not talk aboutFight Club”) that encourages men to beat up each other. But this is onlythe first step in Tyler’s complex master plan.In addition to lead actors Pitt, Norton, and Bonham Carter, all ofwhom do impeccable work, there is a pair of notable supporting characters.The first is Meat Loaf (Meat Loaf the singer), who portrays the ineffectualBob. It’s a surprisingly strong performance, with the singer-turned-actorcapturing the nuances of a complex character.

Jared Leto, (The Thin RedLine), is the blond Angel Face.Told in a conventional fashion, Fight Club would have been engaging.However, Fincher’s gritty, restless style turns itintoavisualmasterpiece. The overall experience is every bit as surreal as watchingKubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. This is a tale that unfolds in an eeriealternate universe where the melodies of life have the same rhythm as inours but are in a different key. Fincher also shows just enough restraintthat his flourishes seem like important parts of the storytelling methodinstead of gimmicks. And there are a lot of them. In one scene, acharacter’s apartment is laid out like a page in a furniture catalog,complete with text blurbs superimposed on the screen describing the variouspieces.

There are occasional single frame interruptions that flash by soquickly that they may pass unnoticed. The film opens with a truly inventiveclose-up – one that literally gets under the skin. Also in play: a non-linear chronology, a voiceover by a narrator who might not be entirelyreliable, frequent breaking of the fourth wall, and an occasional freeze-frame. As was true of Fincher’s other three films, Fight Club is dark andfast-paced. There’s not a lot of time for introspection. One could callthis MTV style, but, unlike many equally frantic movies, there’s a reasonfor each quick cut beyond preventing viewers from becoming bored.There’s no denying that Fight Club is a violent movie.

Some sequencesare so brutal that a portion of the viewing audience will turn away. Butthe purpose of showing a blood bath is to make a telling point about thebestial nature of man and what can happen when the numbing effects of day-to-day drudgery cause people to go a little crazy. The men who becomemembers of Fight Club are victims of the dehumanizing and desensitizingpower of modern-day society.

They have become cogs in a wheel. The only waythey can regain a sense of individuality is by getting in touch with theprimal, barbaric instincts of pain and violence. As the film progresses,Fincher systematically reveals each new turn in an ever-deepening spiralthat descends into darkness and madness. There’s also a heavy element ofsatire and black comedy.

Macabre humor can be found everywhere, from thepithy quips traded by Jack and Tyler to the way Jack interacts with hisboss. When combined together, the satire, violence, and unpredictablenarrative make a lasting and forceful statement about modern-day society.Works Cited/Bibliography . Fight Club. Dir.

David Fincher. Perf. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton,Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf and Jared Leto. 20th CenturyFox, 1999 . Ebert, Roger. “Fight Club.” Chicago Sun-Times. 10th Oct.

1999http://www.suntimes.com/ebert/ebert_reviews/1999/10/101502.html . Granger, Susan.

“All-Reviews.com Movie/Video Review: Fight Club”Onlineposting.2000.All-Reviews.Com11thNov.2003http://www.all-reviews.com/videos/fight-club.htm


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