Phaedo Summary

George Waszczuk9/25/2000Wed: 6:30-9:30pmPhaedo SummarySocrates stands now before his disciples telling them he is not afraid of dying because he says death is what the true philosopher waits for all his life. The philosopher must have lived a good life, and when death is presented upon him, he should take the opportunity. Socrates formed a conclusion that: That the real philosopher has reason to be of good cheer when he is about to die, and after death he may hope to obtain the greatest good of the world.

Socrates is saying that when death is presented upon him, he should have no reason but to be happy, and when that death comes; he will have achieved the best gift in the world.Socrates states evidence of why he is not afraid of dying through multiple mini-conclusions. Socrates says to Simmias, Why when his time comes should he repine at which he has always been pursuing and desiring? Socrates is saying why should philosophers grieve at death when that should be the goal of their whole lives. He believes only philosophers can understand because he believes philosophers will be truly alive after death, and normal men will just die.

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Normal men do not know that true philosophers have always been pursuing death and dying, and the desire of death has been with them all their lives.Through out his whole testimony, Socrates states questions to his disciples already knowing the answers, but he wants to hear Simmias agree to all of them. Do we believe that there is such a thing as death, states by Socrates. When Simmias agrees this he brings out all his support. Socrates believes Death is the separation of the body and soul. The soul is the biggest part of the death. The soul goes on living and doesnt have to deal with any of the bad commodities of the body attached.

You are only dead when this separation has been completed. Therefore death is when the body exists in herself, and is released from the soul.Through out the life of a philosopher or any other person there are fruits of life. There are many unnecessary pleasures and treasure in which we could live without. Instead of caring about them, shouldnt he rather despise anything more than nature needs.? Socrates is saying that to go as the true philosopher, you have to live life with only the bare essentials needed and pass the opportunities for the unnecessary pleasures and treasures like costly clothing, sandals etc and other adornments.

The philosopher who is indifferent about bodily pleasures is as good as dead. Socrates is saying that if a philosopher goes through life passing up pleasures not needed, he will definitely get his chance at death. The philosopher is only concerned with the soul and not the body, and as soon as possible would like get rid of his body and turn to his soul. And all other men wonder and opinionate about him not enjoying lifes pleasuresThe body only gets in the way of things because the senses of the body only hinder the ways of acquiring knowledge. The body if invited to share the inquiry, the senses hinder the body.

Sight and hearing are the best of the senses and yet they are inaccurate as it is. So acquiring knowledge through these senses only hinders a philosopher. Socrates concludes that the body is a hinderer when invited to share in the inquiry of knowledge.To acquire this knowledge purely, thought is best when the mind is gathered into herself and none of these things trouble her. Socrates is saying the philosopher should be one with his soul and not let any outside forces bother him when the mind is in thought.

When neither sights, sounds, pains, pleasures effect the leaving of the body, and the philosopher is after his true being with his soul will the mind be in its best state.Socrates wants to die. He has been waiting all his life, and now it is his time to go. He states to his disciples that life is all about waiting to die. The soul is the only important thing about the body only because the body holds it for a while and when death has become, the soul will separate and the philosopher will live the real life he has been waiting for. All the body does is get in the way.

The body has to deal with pains and pleasures, diseases, weather etc. When the separation is complete, the philosopher will then become a true philosopher and will be able to acquire knowledge without any obstacles that the body would have to go through.Words/ Pages : 775 / 24