Personal Narrative Essay – Being Fully Human perso

nal narrative essaysBeing Fully Human “One act of simple human kindness can make a real difference.” For example, one can make a short and tender call to an acquaintance and save this person’s future career or even hisher life during that call. A few weeks ago from the innermost of my heart, I felt a premonition. Which I felt my heart was passing a message to me: “call your friend who is studying in London for her degree.” At that moment I suddenly realized that I had not contacted her for at least six months, which is not the correct way to treat friends. Nevertheless, I am glad that I made this phone call to her, as we are old friends.

However, on the other hand I was given her bad news. She told me unspeakable things; she was being deceived by her boyfriend, as well as has asked to leave their little lovely flat immediately. Besides these ugly things, the upper most thought in my mind was she might fell abandoned by society, and do something unimaginable to herself, like give up her studies, or even to put an end to her young and beautiful life.

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I was very glad and pleased, that this phone call turned her negative thoughts into very positive ones! I believe what I did at the time seemed like a piece of cake to me, but I was a powerful thing happening for her. Hence, now I know the reason why people always said “keep in touch”, because with this connection I made a huge influence on a person unconditionally and unknowingly. In other words, I am glad that I am a human being, because I can use my kindness for people who need help, and make a real difference.