We are currently taking part in a graduate research project at Loyola Marymount University. The focus of this project is internet plagiarism. More specifically what academic and social pressures lead students to plagiarize. Below are several questions regarding your site. Please answer them in the spaces provided and forward the e-mail back to us.
We understand that what you do is perfectly legal, and we want to make it clear that we are in no way using this data to accuse or discredit your business.We just want to gain insight as to why students choose to plagiarize (despite your disclaimer not to use the papers they receive as any more than research), what topics they choose, and approximately how frequently they use your site. Also, we want to make it clear that we do not believe that your companies plagiarize or promote plagiarism in any shape or form.

Marc Wiseman, Loyola Marymount Graduate Studies in Pedagogy
1) How long have you been in business? What size staff do you have? Who writes the papers? What is their education level?
2) How many papers are on file? How many topics? How long before a paper becomes outdated? What topics are your most popular? How many do you sell per year?
3) Do you get many complaints about the quality of the papers after they are purchased? If so, how do you solve this problem?
4) How do you protect yourselves from lawsuits?
5) Who is the target audience for your marketing? Where do you advertise? What are some promotional gimmicks that seem to work for you?
6) What is the average age of the people who use your site? How many times, on average, does one person use your site?
7) Do you have many requests for personal narratives? Does this number seem to be increasing, decreasing or about the same? How do your writers create believable personal narratives (by that we mean not so specific it doesnt match the requesters needs, but specific enough to seem as if it was taken from personal experience)?
8) If there is any other information or comments youd like to make please feel free to add them below:

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