Pearl Prequel

It was a dark and stormy night ..

. no thats not it. Itwas a beautiful sunny day … not it either. Could it be uhh..

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. Onthat rainy day when the sea would not quit, the sky growledand men shuttered in their huts. Thats it !! Well now that I seemto temporarily regained my memory Ill tell you the story of thathorrible season of the oyster conference.

Whats that you dontknow what the oyster conference is! You see it is a time whenthe oysters of the world gather together in their respectiveclans and decide who shall carry the pearl of power. Thesepearls are no ordinary pearls. They were not made by an oysterbut were forged by the pillar. This pillar was the giver of powerbefore the pestilence of man arrived. Now the pillar does notexist due to the carelessness of man. To keep order among theoysters they gathered all the pearls forged by the pillar andcursed them so that if man found one in the leader oyster itwould destroy the finder and find its way back to the sea. This conference I told you about is a great as well ashorrible experience for all the oysters. Triumph and defeat lurksaround all corners.

The contending oysters must run the test andthose standing at the end must do it again until one oysterstands. This was the first time in history that more than three testshad to be run. It came down to Chuck the clan favorite andTinagel the outcast. Finally with a little cheating and a lot ofdishonesty Chuck took the pearl to gain its power till thecoming year when he would relinquish control of the pearl.Tintagel knew this fact but was jealous and devised a plan tosteal the pearl by poisoning Chuck. The next few days Tintagelspent carefully gathering all the equipment and materials hedneed to complete his plan. Then after his materials weregathered he mixed and organized them in perfect blend.

Hehad them delivered to Chuck and unknowingly took the poison.There was but a single fact overlooked by Tintagel and thatwas the power of the pearl. Instead of killing Chuck it made himdiseased and mentally insane. He starts to disconnect himselffrom reality. Oysters begin to fear him. Perturbed by what hehas done Tintagel leaves the colony which means certaindeath and is never heard from again. Meanwhile back at thefarm mas killin off da injuns OOPS there I go again just a sec.

KAY…. back to our regularly scheduled story. Chuck ends up allalone.

By the end of his life no goes near him and no one willuntil his year is up. Whats that another man to pick us up anmutilate us oysters. We never did a thing to you before.

Why.The clan of oysters gather in their hiding spots but Chuck is justsitting there. The clan tries to war him but its too late and a fewminutes later his sorry carcass is discarded back to the sea. ThePEARL is missing. The clan soon is discomforted by thisknowledge and wonder if the curse is true.

Fast Forward to theend of the Pearl by that boring guy who people think is greatbecause a few over-educated chuckle heads say so(johnstienbeck). The oysters are still wondering about how to get thepearl back when Poof there it is in their midst. No one asks anyquestions and the pearl is kept buried until Chucks term isfinished and his successor is found.

Okay so it wasnt much of astory but hey this is just a start. I got no moral or even a thrill outof writing it but hey it was defiantly a writing experience not tobe missed. It taught me to stick with it even if you didnt want todo the project in any remote way. I hope you found my writingstyle to your liking and subscribe for future installments ofprequels to boring books.Category: English