Paralells in My Brilliant Career

Ray Romeo
Film as Lit.

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Paper #1
My Brilliant Career

Paralells in My Brilliant Career
Obtaining ones goals in life is not an easy task. There are many obstacles that can
prohibit one from doing so. What separates the weak from the strong? The ability to
overcome the obstacles and reach your goal. This was most evident in the movie, My
Briiliant Career, it is a stunning example of how one can go through trials and tribulations
and still be successful. The parallel between the movie, reality, and Australian history is
very clear in this film.

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In the movie we meet a young lady by the name of Sevilla. Her dream is to write a
novel. Unfortunately that is not conducive to the goal of her parents. So her parents tell
her she can move in with her grandmother. This works to Sevillas advantage because her
grandmother appreciates art and the beauty of such talents. This is the first triumph that
we witness, but as we know there is always some other adversity to overcome. That is
what we do , we travel with her through her life and experience the joys and pains that she
experiences. While on this journey we find out some important things about our leading
lady. First we discover that she is a woman with a mission and that she will go through
any length to get it. We also find out that love is very important to her. for example she
has a man that is courting her and is a womans dream. He is handsome and rich, also has
a good family name. In fact her grandmother who is very important person in her life tells
her that she should accept his love. Instead she rejects it, and tells her grandmother that
she does not love Frank. From this point we find out she is a feminist with very strong
views. She has a need to feel independent and feels that women don’t need men for
anything at all.

Then she meets Harry and to her surprise falls in love with him. She does not act
on this love in fact, she rejects it. He wants to marry her and she tells him to wait, come
back in 2 years and then see what happens. Just as she makes this decision her family feels
it is time to start having a little responsibility. The send her off to work in a house taking
care of children. Once again it is like an obstacle thrown in her way, but, she overcomes it
and still continues to write. After time passed she returned to her grandmothers and that
is when Harry asks to marry her. She says, no and moves on with her life. She rejects
love and family or anything that could possibly deter her from doing what she loves,

At the end of the movie she finishes her novel, the way the director did this scene
was terrific. he places in a position so that she looks like a Christ figure. This was a
brilliant scene in that it appeared to show exactly how victorious she was. The movie
drew many parallels. In reality , the film really hit home because it was a real situation.
How many times in life have we seen it? We here success stories everyday of how people
overcome adversity. It is most prevalent in my own life. For years all I wanted to do was
act and perform on stage. Just as Sevilla I had people in my life that did not wish for me
to do well. Those people viewed me as selfish and strong headed. Questions were often
asked like, What is your realistic goal? So this movie really hit home for me. Seeing
Sevilla suffer through these heart aches and pain moved the movie to a new level. Also
seeing her reign triumphant at the end of the movie was a scene that put a smile on my
face knowing that it is possible to overcome things that others put in your way.

A neat twist in the movie is that if you substitute the men in Sevillas life for
Britain and Sevilla herself for Young Australia you have the history of that nation. Sevilla
herself is Australia a nation that had many obstacles to overcome. The history which I
speak of has been prevalent in all the movies that we watch in class. This nation has
overcome manta bad times. That was well demonstrated in the movie Breaker Morant.

That movie concentrated on the bore wars of Australia, it also showed how the men in this
movie parallel to Britain. There are so many parallels that can be drawn by this movie. I
just chose to put a few of those analogies down on paper and express them to you.

My Brilliant Career , is an exciting movie that creates a positive image of life. This
movie also gives a new and exciting way to view Australian history. The creators of this
film were brilliant in that they gave an excellent view of life and history, well balanced, and
still exciting.

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