The Nanny Murder Case

The Nanny Murder Case Massachusetts v. Woodward Louise Woodward, a British Nanny, was hired in November of 1996 by Sunil and Deborah Eappen, for their sons, Matthew and Brendan. On February 4, 1997, the Massachusetts police received a phone call from Woodward stating that Matthew Eappen was having trouble breathing. When the paramedics examined Matthew, […]

Avantgo Vs Palm Vii

Avantgo Vs. Palm Vii AvantGo: Palm Inc: Palm developer site: There are many people trying to find the best solution for wireless web browsing. At this time there are two major competitors, AvantGo, which uses any standard Palm device with AvantGo Server software installed on the desktop, and AvantGo Client, and Mobile […]

Feeling Essay

Feeling Essay The final whistle blew. The game was tied, and the winner was yet to be decided. We all knew that the fate of the game was to be determined by penalties, a soccer players most hated fear. The entire team was nervous as our coach carefully studied each player, trying to figure out […]

History Of Middle America

History Of Middle America Central America is a land bridge that connects North America to South America. Today, this area of the world is under major reconstruction. Its recent history is filled with civil wars, military dictatorships, and native uprisings. Though the recent economy has turned toward the better, the history of the economy in […]

On The Waterfront

On The Waterfront While watching the movie On the Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan, I was bombarded by many timeless topics about the human condition. The most striking of which was the struggle for power. Throughout the movie, the desire to be in control was the underlying motivation for the violence witnessed. It was the […]

The Maidenhead Of Ophelia

The Maidenhead Of Ophelia In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the character of Ophelia is masqueraded as a demure, innocent, adolescent girl. However, the behavior disguised by this faade is much more interesting than we are led to believe. Throughout Hamlet, Ophelia is the target of numerous sexual innuendoes and later the confessor of her own sexual […]


Hamlet Act I, Scene I – It is midnight and bitter cold. On a platform (a level space on the battlements) outside the castle at Elsinore in Denmark, a sentry (Francisco) is being relieved by another (Bernardo). Later, Marcellus and Horatio join Bernardo. Horatio is there at Marcellus’s request but doubts the sentries’ story that […]

Critiscisms Of My Antonia

Critiscisms Of My Antonia In the past, critics have ad moralized and/or brutalized every writer they could get their pen on. This is seen from criticisms of Henry Adams to William Butler Yeats. These writers critique everything about the writer and his/her works. For instance many critics criticize Willa Cather’s novel, My Antonia. Their criticisms […]

Gone With The Wind

.. s head field hand. When Scarlett was attacked by the Yankee and nigger outside of Atlanta before frank died, it was Sam who saved her, Sam who took her home. He could have been killed, and was running from the law because he killed a man, but he loved the OHara family for being […]

The Aesthetics Of Passion And Betrayal

The Aesthetics Of Passion And Betrayal The Aesthetics of Passion and Betrayal In The Passion of Joan of Arc, Carl Theodor Dreyer uses the visuality of spatial relationships in each shot with the human face and its ability to convey unspoken emotion in his portrayal of the demise of Joan of Arc. Unlike most film, […]


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