Paliamentary Procedure

Paliamentary Procedure Parliamentary Procedure ? Meetings overseen by an elected chairman ? Chairman responsible for keeping general order of meetings and collecting and counting closed or secret ballot votes ? Chairman can or can not be a voting member of the board ? The discussion can be an open discussion or members must wait to speak until recognized by the chairman 1. A member of the board calls a particular subject in question to a vote 2. The initial call to vote needs to be supported by another member of the board in the form of a verbal “second”. 3. If the call to vote is seconded then the chairman announces that the vote in question has been seconded and that the board as a whole will vote on whether to vote on the subject in question or to continue discussion on the topic.

4. The sequence of voting events is as follows: ? The first vote is a verbal vote, all in favor of the topic at hand say “I”, all those apposed say “ney”. ? If a decision is not easily made due to the first vote than one of two things may occur: 1. The chairman may conduct the same vote but ask that the board members raise their hand for their appropriate vote and count hands or, 2. The chairman passes out blank slips of paper and a silent closed vote is collected and tallied immediately with the results announced promptly afterward.

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( the decision of this vote can be made due to a majority, , or unanimous vote decision making process) ? If the board decides to not vote then the table is reopened for discussion ? If the board decides to put the subject at question to a final vote then the voting rules as stated above(#4) are implemented and or variations as necessary( ex. A subject of extreme importance or a personal issue might go straight to a silent, closed vote due to a request etc.) ? If the vote does not pass it is considered dead and is unable to be brought up in a board meeting discussion for an allotted amount of time (ex. 4 months) unless it meets certain established guidelines ( ex. or unanimous agreement to open up subject to board meeting discussions) ? If the vote does pass then it is implemented immediately or at the soonest time required for it to be completely implemented. The implemented vote can be amended and/or overturned due to certain established guidelines ( ex. or unanimous decision to amend or overturn previous decision) Government Essays.