Ozone Layer

Ozone, pronounced OH-Zohn, is a form of oxygen that is present in the earth’s atmosphere in small amounts. Ozone in the upper atmosphere is a major factor in making life on earth possible. But ozone in the lower atmosphere contributes to air pollution.
Society has been widely addressed with the many problems that we are
having in our environment today. A major problem is that of CFCs. CFC
stands for Chlorofluorocarbons which are found in many of the aerosol spray
cans. In December of 1973, Rowland and Molina discovered that CFCs can
The Ozone Layer
Ozone layer depletion slows
There is good news about the ozone layer above us. The good news about the ozone layer is not always frequent. On International Ozone Day, the report came in that the ozone levels have decreased above Montreal and other residents of southern Canada.

The ozone layer shields the earth from most of the harmful radiation and light coming from the sun. The ozone reflects and absorbs the ultraviolet rays that try to come in. Without this kind of protection, all living things will be affected by these UV rays. Skin cancer develop
Ozone Layer Thinning Caused By CFC’s
“The ozone layer.” What really is the ozone layer, and what does it do? Is it just a plastic covering over the earth? Why do we depend on the ozone layer so much for the earth’s survival? Without the ozone layer there would not be life on this earth

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