I. THESIS: The most important things that can be known about Michael Jordans personal life are divided
into four sections: growing up, high school, college days and the pros.

A. Family Support
B. Personal Problems
A. Competition with his brother
B. Dedication to become a good player
A. Playing at UNC- “The championship season”
B. Joining the NBA
A. Playing in the NBA
B. His personality
Michael Jordan is said to be a “legend”, not only hes the most famous and well paid athlete in the whole
history, but he is the best of the best. MJ has given fans across the world the biggest thrill of all time. He
has caught the attention of all kind of people, people look up to him and every teen ager who plays
basketball wants to be like Mike. There is nothing better than watching him do spectacular dunks or
making “in your face” shots. Everyone knows about Michaels famous career as a basketball player, but
few of them know about his personal life. The most important things that can be known from Michael
Jordans personal life are divided into four sections: Gowing Up, High School, College Days and The Pros.

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Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. He was still a little child when his
family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. There he grew up along with his parents love and warmth.
Michael had very good parents, they taught him the importance of achieving goals and making your dreams
come true. Michael learned many different things from them, like the habit of sticking his tongue out when
he is playing basketball. He learned that from his dad, he used to stick his tongue out when he was doing
house work. Now, Jordan is famous for the way he dribbles and dunks the ball with his tongue hanging out.
Michael remembers his childhood, being a shy and insecure boy. He felt specially uncomfortable around
girls. Guys used to pick on him in front of the kids and make fun of his hair and the way he played with his
tongue hanging out. He felt more confortable at home with his brothers and sisters. Him and his brothers,
James Jr. and Larry, loved to play all kind !
of sports.

When he was seven or eight years old, him and his older brother played in a local league. Larry was the
basketball star, then he went on to be a star player at Laney High School in Wilmington. Michael, instead,
joined a little league. His best childhood memory is of the one-hitter he pitched when he was 12 years old.
He was voted the MVP after the game. He was so good he even won a scholarship to Mickey Owen
Baseball Camp. He became an all around athlete when he entered Junior High School.

Larry was the star player on the high school varsity basketball team. Michael felt very proud of his older
brother, but he also envied him. He wanted to be like his brother and he knew that the only way he could
achieve success was practice and determination. He also needed to grow taller to play on the High school
basketball team, instead of giving up, he worked hard on the game. Michaels dad saw how serious he was
about basketball, so he constructed a court in the backyard. Michael spent so much time practicing on his
new court that he wore away the grass. He also played in the neighborhood games for at least two hours
everyday, and on saturday he would spend the whole day. He liked to play with the guys who were bigger
and better than him, because he says that it helped him improved in the game. Yet, no matter what how
hard he tried, he still couldnt beat his brother larry in a game of one-on-one. Michael entered his sophmore
year, and he still couldnt get into the hig!
h school varsity team, instead he played in the junior team (that didnt make him that happy). Even thou he
was a good basketball player, he still wanted to make himself like his brother. He began to practice more,
and it became an obssesion with him.

He began to cut classes in order to practice and then got suspended three times. His father told him that if
he wanted to be in an university playing basketball, he would need to improve his grades, so Michael
started to do better in school. The summer, before he was to enter his junior year, he grew 4 inches. He was
63 tall by the first day of school. When baskeball season began, Michael finally made the varsity team. He
knew he had to work hard to stay on the team. Michael had a new goal in his mind, get a basketball
scholarship. Many universities offers came pouring in, but Michael finally made up his mind for the
University of North Carolina.

In1981, Michael started school as an official member of the UNC basketball team, the Tar Heels. At the
beginning he was scared that he would have to sit on the bench the first year, because only the best high
school players were recruited in the team. His fears went all away when he realized that he was named to
the Tar Heels starting lineup. He shared an appartment with a friend that he met at the Five-Star Basketball
Camp. Michael had a very good year playing for the Tar Heels. One of the most exciting moments in
college basketball history happened- “the championship season”, it was when the Tar Heels were playing
the Georgetown Hoyas for the NCCA national champions. The whole game was a struggle between life and
death, victory and loss. Finally, when the time was ending the Tar Heel neede the winning basket, Michael
took the shot and he made it! The crowd went wild. That night, Michaels life changed forever. People
from the town were very proud of him and he even won Al!
l-America honors that year and was also named Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the year. Two years
after, he decided to leave college and join the NBA.

Michael Jordan began his NBA career, playing for the Chicago Bulls. From back then to present time,
Jordan has grow as a player and people all over say he is a terrific basketball player. MJ has become the
most famous basketball player in the whole world and big companies have signed Michael to advertise
their products. His wife Juanita and his son Jeffrey live in a big house in Northbrook, Illinois. When he is
off season he relaxes and plays other sports like golg, bowling, etc. He has become a role model for kids
and he takes his job very seriously. He doesnt drink, smokes, or do drugs. He has stablished a charity
Foundation, which helps poor children and charitable organizations.

Michael Jordan is an excellent person, hes not only the best basketball player through tim, but everyone
describes his personality as sweet, friendly, kind and considerate person. Hes an excellent role model for
kids and hes a person which anyone can look up to. His determination and dedication show us that in life
everything is possible, and that no matter what our dreams are, we can be able to fulfill them.

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