Ois 750

OIS 750 1. The archives are the inactive records of the company. The archives are things, documents, sound, video, etc, which are important to the company. A business should consider archives for historical and legal issues. They are important to the company because it’s the root of where the company came from.

2. Lamination – putting a document between two pieces of plastic and applying heat and pressure to them to seal shut. Encapsulation – Like lamination except instead of using heat and pressure to put the pieces together, an adhesive is used. Leaf Casting – The process of reinforcing the fibers in a document. 3.

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Legal, historical, administrative. Store what you need for a couple of reasons. For legal issues, a company needs documentation for proof. Second of all, keep only what you need to save disk space. 4. Cables, locks, desk mounts, and enclosures 5.

Password has nothing to do with you, consists of special characters, *&^%$#, use capital and lower case letters, keep it at least 8 characters long. 6. A method companies/people can monitor the actions of people while on-line a. go to the mail settings and disable cookies b. clear out your cache file after browsing the internet c. A Pentium III chip is like a cookie because it knows what you have registered and sends information back to wherever and you are monitored that way.

7. Mental issues, feel of lost of freedom, misused information, incorrect information 8. Maps, priorities, a team, assignments 9. DVD is nice because it can hold 13 times more information than a typical CD-ROM. 13.* GB to be almost exact.

It is universal between CD-ROMs and DVD players, the information is compacted more and at a better quality for better quality all around. Also, DVD can be played on a computer or a TV. 10. A soft benefit is the satisfaction of knowing all records are stored in an organized fashion. 11.

Client is what the user uses. There is nothing stored on the client computers. The server is where all the information is stored. Information travels from the server system to the client system. Client/Server systems are inexpensive, they save storage space and 12. A snapshot of information that changes on the fly, many people can use it at the same time.

Can incorporate different kinds of documentation types. 13. All are relational databases. DB2 and Access are easy to use. Approach has WYSIWYG. Filemaker Pro has a built in something so other people can view a filemaker document from the web. One of them uses SQLJ, structured query language Java for web development.

After messing abound with Approach on my computer, I personally do not like it. 14. How the documents are going to be stored, how they are going to be retrieved,.