Of Mice And Men Essay

Of Mice And Men Essay The scene that was most memorable to me in this play was when Lenny and Curley`s wife shared a conversation while the others were away. It started with Lenny moping around about the rabbit he had killed and then Curley`s wife joined him. This scene ended in a surprising way, but in my opinion many interesting things were discussed about the concept of life. I was extremely surprised with the ending of this scene because when the conversation began I predicted that it was the start to a close relationship between the two of them. During this conversation they discussed issues such as life and dreams.

At first Lenny refused to open-up. ” George says I aint to have nothing to do with you-talk to you or nothing. ” He was very reluctant to talk to her or share anything with her. She was the complete opposite. Curleys wife was looking for someone to talk to.

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As the scene continued, Lenny relaxed and was able to talk and listen to her. Curleys wife began by asking Lenny questions. As she continued walls were torn down and she was able to get closer to him. Then she told him about her life. ” I get lonely K.

You can talk to people, but I can`t talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. How`d you like to not talk to anybody? ” It was hard for Curley`s wife to get Lenny to talk but eventually he told her about his rabbit and other things about his life. ” We gonna have a little place-an rabbits. ” In the end Lenny became overly excited and ended up killing Curleys wife. From this, I gathered that Lenny had never been so close to anyone, especially anyone of this opposite sex.

This gave him such a great feeling that he did not know how to deal with it. The moment he felt Curleys wife moving away, he acted on his inner feelings and he was frightened. The scene portrayed a good example of the interaction of two complete strangers, it was interesting to see how they shared things and opened up to each other. Part Two: This scene is related to the theme in different ways. I think that it incorporates three main aspects of the theme.

It is related to belonging, loneliness and dreams. All three of these are active issues in society today. In this scene, Lenny and Curleys wife were able to discuss and show the audience how the theme tied in. When the two of these characters started talking to each other, they were both lonely. Curleys wife did not have anyone to talk to, and Lenny had George as a friend but I do not think it was the type of companion that he needed.

In this case the theme of loneliness was brought forth. At first the two of them were lonely and deep within both of them wanted someone to talk to. When the two of these characters began talking, they were given a sense of belonging. Lenny was able to feel the feeling of trust and he was able to learn how to listen to someone. It was not something he was used to. He was used to listening to George, but often it was commands and rules.

Curleys wife was used to listening to Curley, and she was not really able to say what she wanted to do. I thought it was good for both of these characters to be able to feel what it is like to have someone care and talk to. This scene subtly touches the theme of dreams. They discussed dreams that both of them had, and were in a way able to bring them alive by talking and embellishing about them. In todays society it is important to feel wanted.

Loneliness is not something that anyone wants to feel. Every person should also have goals and dreams, and they should be able to talk about them without someone telling them it will not happen. It is essential that everyone has something to look forward to in life and knows that there are people that do care about what happens to them.