Oedipys’s date of birth is unknown. He was born to

RexPolybus and Merope, but Jocasta is his real mother. Oedipus was born in Thebes, but he spent most of his adult life in Corinth. Due to some mistakes that Oedipus makes prior to the start of the play, trouble seems to surround him later.

Oedipus was very patriotic. Once he even made generals that had failed in war drag fallen soldiers back from the battel field to be buried. Oedipus confidence was unparalleled and later gets him in trouble.

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Being a believer in human intelligence proved to be a pro and a com for Oedipus. He unknowingly murders his father in a rage on the way to Thebes. An oracle advises him not to marry Jocasta, but Oedipus is his own person. He puts trosts in his intelligence and obeys his own iron will.

However; when his judgnent came he stared his actions spuarely in the face, and realized what he had done. Oedipus felt he did not see what was going on so he blinds himself for not seeing the truth. Although his accomplishments were, he could not see what was right under his nose. Before the story begins Owdipus had already defeated Sphinx by answering the Sphinx’s riddle, acquired the crown of Thebes, and at the verybrind of the play had come enlighten as to his error. Oedipus tried to run away from his destiny.

However; he fulfills his prophecy and, suffered because of it. Bibliography: