Nutrients Lab 1

Nutrients Lab #1 LAB #1 Nutrients Introduction: In the introduction for “Nutrients” Lab #1 I will be discussing the different items I will be using for this lab. Fat or lard is a molecule that is high in cholesterol. Starch is a complex carbohydrate. Protein means a group of molecules made up of chains of smaller molecules called amino acids. Sugar is a molecule that serves as building blocks for complex carbohydrates. Nutrients are substances that all organisms need to live. Nutrients are also very important because it gives you everyday energy. Hypothesis: I think this lab will work well because the materials were brought all Part 1: Starch- Foods like garlic salt have cornstarch inside of them.

Although items like hot sauce do not have any kinds of starch in them. Part 2: Fat- The food additive lard is basically fat itself but still has fat inside of it. Although any kinds of items labeled non-fat like yogurt, pudding etc. have no fat inside of it. Part 3: Sugar- A lot of things have sugar in it but one item that has sugar is cookies. Something without sugar is Campbell’s chicken soup. Part 4: Protein- There is lots of examples that have starch in them but one is cereal. The item without starch would be honey.

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Objective: The objective for this certain lab is to test for starch, fat, protein and sugar. Materials: Some of the materials used for this lab were eye safety glasses, a beaker, test tubes, a test tube holder, and a hot plate Procedure: Part 1: The first thing to do is put four samples in four different test tubes and iodine to them Part 2: Then rub the controls and different more food samples onto brown paper bags Part 3: The next thing to do is add Na0H and cuS04 to the four different samples onto the controls and food. Turn on the hot plate and put the beaker on top to boil. Part 4: test controls and food samples into the now boiled water. Safety: Dispose liquids down sink and food in garbage.

Observations: In this lab there were different foods changing colors when different liquids got poured on them but it didn’t work that well. Analysis: Over all my lab did not work whatsoever but I asked someone else and they said most of the food changed colors to black. Conclusion: To understand this lab was very easy considering the chemicals used but to use them you have to get a chemical raction so make sure you do or it won’t work. Science Essays.